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edc support : Syntax/indent for edc files

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Viktor Kojouharov
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This vimball provides syntax highlighting and indentation for edc files, as well as embryo scripts embedded withing the edc files.

It also provides an omni completion script, which will complete all the usual keywords/statements/labels appropriately, as well as complete part names and program names when applicable
install details
Open in vim, then :so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
edc.vba 2.0 2010-03-24 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Updated the vimball to support lua syntax highlighting in edje, new keywords and completions
edc.vba 1.5 2008-12-18 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Updated syntax and completion for edc
edc.vba 1.4 2008-11-05 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Update syntax and omni-completion for new edje types.
edc.vba 1.3 2007-02-23 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Fixed the indentation for the closing curly braces. Added support for the statement.substatement edc style for the syntax and omni-completion files (currently for only 1 depth)
edc.vba 1.2 2006-11-08 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Completed the syntax file for edc. The completion file has been improved. It now contains all the blocks and labels, and can also complete names for the "to*:" label.
edc.vba 1.1 2006-11-05 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Minor changes to the syntax file.
Added an omni completion script
edc.vba 1 2006-11-03 7.0 Viktor Kojouharov Initial upload
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