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tabula.vim : ergonomic green chalkboard colorscheme for GUI and 256 colors xterms

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created by
Bernd Pol
script type
color scheme
This is a "chalkboard" green background Vim colorscheme featuring soft, yet highly readable contrasts. Main goal was to minimize eye strain when working in a mixed environment where during long edit sessions you have to switch to high contrast white background screens every now and then.
Additionally there have cterm colors been defined so they will look mostly identical on a 256 color (Linux) xterm.

View a color sample: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4200/4qiqr6fh_png.htm
(Tabula settings dialog is shown at bottom.)

Starting with v. 0.2 the colorscheme is adjustable either on setup or on the fly. To permanently redefine the defaults put these settings in your .vimrc file before the
        :colorscheme tabula
line, e.g.:
        :let Tabula_ColorPre = "red"

To redefine them on the fly call the built-in options dialog:
        :call Tabula()
from the Vim command line.
The new settings will be immediately effective as soon as control is back in the main dialog.
To get the defaults back issue
        :colorscheme tabula
(This has changed from earlier tabula versions where this call was necessary to make the settings changes effective.)

Display Statements In Bold:
        Tabula_BoldStatement = 0    -- statements display not bold
        Tabula_BoldStatement = 1    -- statements display bold
Defaults to non-bold display.

Set GUI Cursor Color:
        Tabula_CurColor = 'blue'
        Tabula_CurColor = 'red'
        Tabula_CurColor = 'yellow'
        Tabula_CurColor = 'white'
Defaults to 'blue'.
NOTE: This works in gvim only. In a terminal (like xterm) the cursor cannot be changed.

Set Color For Preprocessor Statements:
        Tabula_ColorPre = 'blue'     -- purple-blue
        Tabula_ColorPre = 'red'       -- orange-red
        Tabula_ColorPre = 'yellow'  -- lightgreen-yellow
Defaults to 'blue'.

Use Dark Error Background:
Sometimes desirable for less distracting error highlighting.
        Tabula_DarkError = 0        -- light error background
        Tabula_DarkError = 1        -- dark error background
Defaults to light error background.

Use multiple colors for constant values:
        Tabula_FlatConstants = 1    -- use one common color for all constants
        Tabula_FlatConstants = 0    -- use a different color for each constant type
Defaults to using one common color.

How To Display Ignore And NonText Characters:
        Tabula_InvisibleIgnore = 0    -- slightly visible
        Tabula_InvisibleIgnore = 1    -- invisible on standard background
Defaults to invisible display.

Show Line Numbers Underlined:
Sometimes useful to spot a line more easily.
        Tabula_LNumUnderline = 0    -- not underlined
        Tabula_LNumUnderline = 1    -- line numbers are underlined
Defaults to not underlined.

Let Search Occurrences Stand Out More Prominently:
        Tabula_SearchStandOut = 0    --- normal dark background display
        Tabula_SearchStandOut = 1    --- prominent underlined display
        Tabula_SearchStandOut = 2    --- very prominent display
Defaults to normal display.

How To Display TODOs And Similar:
        Tabula_TodoUnderline = 0    -- display on a blue background
        Tabula_TodoUnderline = 1    -- display them underlined white
        Tabula_TodoUnderline = 2    -- display them bold
        Tabula_TodoUnderline = 3    -- do not enhance them at all
Defaults to underlined display.

How to display typographic character values (bold, italic, underlined):
      Tabula_CharValuesColored = 0 colored in addition to typographics
      Tabula_CharValuesColored = 1 not colored, italics in terminal-based vim reversed
      Tabula_CharValuesColored = 2 not colored, underlined in terminal-based vim reversed
Defaults to a colored typographics character values display.
NOTE: "Colored" is to be preferred in terminal-based vim because there is no easy way to distinguish italic from underline. In this mode italics and underlined characters are distinguished by different color shades, both displaying not reversed (usually black on a white background field) which is easier to read.
Otherwise there are two non-colored modes:
- italics are shown reversed, underlines are shown underlined
- italics are shown underlined, underlines are shown reversed.
These sub-modes do not affect the GUI display, however, where italics and underlined always display as usual, only color coded or in the common text color.

install details
Unpack the "tabula.zip" file in your $HOME/.vim directory or equivalent.

This will put a "tabula.vim" color definitions file into the "colors" subdirectory
and a short "tabula.txt" help file into the "doc" subdirectory.

To make the documentation known to Vim, issue
        :helptags $HOME/.vim/doc
(or equivalent document directory).
Access the documentation with:
        :help tabula

Don't forget to update the help tags after upgrading the tabula package.

Load the tabula colors with
        :colorscheme tabula

Optionally define an alternate setup in your .vimrc file and load the colorscheme from there.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tabula.zip 1.4.2 2010-04-05 7.0 Bernd Pol - Tabula() dialog fixed: Settings now change immediately.
- Two more display options (bold, not enhanced) for Todos.
tabula.zip 1.4.1 2010-04-02 7.0 Bernd Pol - Multiple constant colors reworked
- Unified titles colors
- New option for typographic character values (bold, italic, underline) display.
- Automatic effecting of color changes after Tabula() call does not work, removed.
tabula.zip 1.4 2010-03-16 7.0 Bernd Pol Tabula () options dialog changes options automatically when leaving.
Colors optimized. VimWiki colors added.
tabula.zip 1.3.2 2008-03-08 7.0 Bernd Pol VimOutliner colors optimized
tabula.zip 1.3.1 2008-03-07 7.0 Bernd Pol some small color adjustments
foreground/background contrast optimized
VimOutliner definitions added
tabula.zip 1.3 2007-02-01 7.0 Bernd Pol Option for an even more prominent search display.
Hint on forcing 256 xterm colors in help text.
tabula.zip 1.2 2007-01-08 7.0 Bernd Pol more color adjustments;
option to switch search highlight added
tabula.zip 1.101 2006-12-26 7.0 Bernd Pol (Sorry, previous upload went wrong! This is the right package.)
Some small color adjustments;
dark error background option added.
tabula.zip 1.0 2006-12-03 7.0 Bernd Pol Colors are quite stable now.
Constant colors option added.
Provided a dialog to change the option settings on the fly.
tabula.vim 0.4 2006-11-25 7.0 Bernd Pol Faulty group link definitions removed;
Error group is now yellow on red background except if red cursor is used
tabula.vim 0.3 2006-11-25 7.0 Bernd Pol HTML colors added;
Cursor color made configurable
tabula.vim 0.2 2006-11-22 7.0 Bernd Pol colors slightly adjusted for a harmonic, yet easily distinguishable display on both GUI and xterm;
introduced some display options
tabula.vim 0.1 2006-11-21 7.0 Bernd Pol Initial upload
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