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lbdbq : query lbdb from Vim

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created by
Stefano Zacchiroli
script type
Functions and various mode mappings for querying lbdb (http://www.spinnaker.de/lbdb/) when using Vim to edit mails and mail headers, for example from Mutt (http://www.mutt.org).

Using this utility lines like the following appearing in a Vim buffer:
    To: name surname, name2 surname2
can be automatically converted to lines like
    To: My Friend <foo@example.com>, My Other Friend <bar@example.com>
by querying lbdb.

When the expansion of a given contact is ambiguous (i.e. it corresponds to more than one contact) the user is interactively asked to choose among them.

The utility can be used in various ways:
- in normal mode typing <Leader>lb: the current recipient line will be expanded (i.e. all expandable short names will be expanded to full name/address pairs)
- in insert mode typing <Leader>lb: same as above but without leaving insert mode
- in line visual mode typing <Leader>lb: same as above but all the visually selected line will be subject to expansion
- in visual mode typing <Leader>lb: only the short names contained in the visually selected text will be subject to expansion


I'm (now) aware that vimscript #388 is older than this script of mine and provide similar features. But this script is strictly more powerful (YMMV of course). For example it works in various modes (visual/insert/normal/...), is able to substitute more contacts at once, and takes into account the semantics of recipient lines. E.g.: if you try to expand "name surname" (without double quotes) the plugin looks up for both of them, while vimscript #388 will look up only for the part under the courses, leading more likely to ambiguous answers.
install details
A matter of taste. Personally I drop lbdbq.vim in my ~/.vim/ directory and from  ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/mail.vim I do
    source ~/.vim/lbdbq.vim
If you don't mind having this plugin always loaded just drop it in ~/.vim/plugin/

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
lbdbq.vim 0.3 2007-07-22 7.0 Stefano Zacchiroli - quote the name part of returned addresses, so that names with (e.g.) commas does not break the headers
- change license to GPL v3 or above
lbdbq.vim 0.2 2007-01-08 7.0 Stefano Zacchiroli - bugfix for lines which are continuation of RFC822 fields
- added URL field in the plugin
- less stupid vmappings (i.e. more efficient)
- normalize spaces when expanding contacts
- silent mappings
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