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code_complete : function parameter complete, code snippets, and much more.

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Ming Bai
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Demo :http://files.myopera.com/mbbill/files/code_complete.gif
It shows what this script can do.
In insert mode, when you type "<tab>"(default value of g:completekey) after function name with a "(" , function parameters will be append behind, use "<tab>" key again to switch between parameters.
This key is also used to complete code snippets.
press <tab> after function name and (    
  foo ( <tab>                            
  foo ( `<first param>`,`<second param>` )
press <tab> after code template          
  if <tab>                                
  if( `<...>` )                          
install details
1. Put code_complete.vim to plugin  directory.                          
2. Use the command below to create tags file including signature field.    
   ctags -R --c-kinds=+p --fields=+S .

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
code_complete.vim 2.9 2009-06-08 7.0 Ming Bai Set file format to unix.
code_complete.vim 2.8 2009-04-04 7.0 Ming Bai Add support to function pointer.
code_complete.vim 2.7 2007-07-20 7.0 Ming Bai No longer force set selection to inclusive.
code_complete.zip 2.6 2007-03-06 7.0 Ming Bai new features:  user defined snippets file support.
changes:   '('  no longer used , and one "<tab>" after '(' instead.
code_complete.vim 2.5 2007-01-24 7.0 Ming Bai Speed up the script when the tag file is very big, thanks to Martin Stubenschrott.
code_complete.vim 2.4 2007-01-22 7.0 Ming Bai bugfix
code_complete.vim 2.3 2007-01-21 7.0 Ming Bai Some improvements, including hot key customization and so on.
code_complete.vim 2.2 2007-01-11 7.0 Ming Bai Initial upload
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