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Bexec : Execute script in buffer and display output in buffer.

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Ferry Boender
script type
The Bexec plugin allows the user to execute the current buffer if it contains a script with a shebang (#!/path/to/interpreter) on the first line or if the default interpreter for the script's type is known by Bexec. The output of the script will be grabbed and displayed in a separate buffer.

It can be used to execute, for instance, Shell, PHP, PERL, Python or SQL scripts from within Vim.

Screenshots can be found at: https://github.com/fboender/bexec
install details
Edit bexec-vX.Y.vmb in vim and run:

:so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
bexec-v0.10.vmb 0.10 2017-01-09 7.0 Ferry Boender Added a 'bexec_splitsize' setting that controls the size of the output buffer.
bexec-v0.9.vmb 0.9 2015-12-05 7.0 Ferry Boender Bexec is now auto-loaded on demand; reducing Vim startup times.
bexec-v0.8.vmb 0.8 2014-10-19 7.0 Ferry Boender Honor splitbelow and splitright vim setting.
bexec-v0.7.vmb 0.7 2014-08-19 7.0 Ferry Boender Live auto preview of buffer execution. See http://f.cl.ly/items/331H3h1m1V2e1s2t3R3a/bexec_live.gif
bexec-v0.6.vmb 0.6 2014-03-31 7.0 Ferry Boender Support / fix for Windows (by mohd-akram).
bexec-0.5.vba 0.5 2011-02-04 7.0 Ferry Boender Bugfix in argument handling in Visual mode execution. Range is appended to argument-string, which is wrong. (Mostly affected Zsh users).

Leader-mappings <leader>bx and <leader>bc are now mapped regardless of previously existing (custom) mappings to Bexec() functions.
bexec-v0.3.vba 0.3 2007-02-07 7.0 Ferry Boender A bexec_interpreter setting was added which overrides all other ways of finding an interpreter. A (requested) function BexecCloseOut() was added which closes the output window.
bexec-v0.2.vba 0.2 2007-01-31 7.0 Ferry Boender The <F5> mapping has been removed in favour of <leader>bx. Custom filters where added (see :help bexec-customizing) and it is now possible to add your own known interpreters and custom filters from your .vimrc.
bexec-v0.1.vba 0.1 2007-01-30 7.0 Ferry Boender Initial upload
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