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fcsh tools : you can compile .as and .mxml files from vim via fcsh : Flex Comipler SHell

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mike rowe
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fcsh can compile actionscript 3 and mxml files.
included are fcshserv.sh and fcshcmp.sh.
fcshserv.sh should be launched manually before you edit
.as or .mxml files.
then, you can execute fcshcmp.sh from vim to compile and optionally run .swf file.
install details
- fcsh ( http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_Compiler_Shell )
- bash

Tested only on GNU/Linux. Might work on *nix or cygwin.

1) tar xvjf fcshtools.tar.bz2

2) cd fcshtools

3) cp *.sh <wherever you want>
it's recommended to put  the files to $HOME/bin.

4) set FCSH_VIM_ROOT = $<wherever you want>
if you don't set this environment variable, it'll look at $HOME/bin.

5) edit ~/.vimrc
if you put the files to $HOME/bin, then add these:
    autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.mxml,*.as :nmap <C-B> :!bash ~/bin/fcshcmp.sh %:p
    autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.mxml,*.as :nmap <C-A> :!bash ~/bin/fcshcmp.sh %:p run

<C-B> will just compile the current file being edited.
<C-A> will compile and run the .swf on flashplayer.

6) bash $FCSH_VIM_ROOT/fcshserv.sh
this runs fcsh and creates a named pipe so fcshcmp.sh can send messages to.
Ctrl+C quits the server.

7) vim hello.as

8) <C-B> or <C-A>

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fcshtools.tar.bz2 0.2 2007-02-15 6.0 mike rowe added more quotes.
fcshtools.tar.bz2 0.1 2007-02-04 6.0 mike rowe Initial upload
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