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svnvimdiff : svn diff + vimdiff

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Geoff Buchan
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This shell script will display svn diff output by using vimdiff. If you use the -g switch, you use gvimdiff instead of vimdiff. This was cloned from the script cvsvimdiff, written by Stefano Zacchiroli and Enrico Tassi. It launches whatever vim version you have.
install details
The download itself is a bash shell script, so as long as bash is installed, you don't need to do anything other than make the file executable.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
svnvimdiff 1.9 2022-05-26 7.0 Geoff Buchan Replace tempfile with mktemp to generate temporary file names. tempfile is deprecated and no longer distributed in Fedora 36, while mktemp exists there and in the older Debian releases I use.
svnvimdiff 1.7 2014-08-04 7.0 Geoff Buchan Bug fix in filename - thanks to Martin Koniczek for finding it!
svnvimdiff 1.6 2013-04-07 7.0 Geoff Buchan Fix switch arguments to tempfile, and change temporary file name
to use full filename, not just the last token of it.
Thanks to Stefan Heinemann for pointing out the change to tempfile!
svnvimdiff 1.5 2009-08-27 7.0 Geoff Buchan Bug fix: remove temporary file with file suffix on exit
svnvimdiff 1.4 2009-08-26 7.0 Geoff Buchan Add code to put orignal file suffix on patched file.
This fixes syntax highlighting for the file.
Thanks to Stefan Heinemann for the patch!
svnvimdiff 1.2 2007-08-11 7.0 Geoff Buchan Fix: don't fail when you pass arguments to svn diff but no filename
svnvimdiff 1.1 2007-08-11 7.0 Geoff Buchan Add support to pass additional arguments to svndiff, so, for example, you can diff against particular revisions.
svnvimdiff 1.0 2007-02-07 6.0 Geoff Buchan Initial upload
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