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errormarker.vim : Highlights and sets error markers for lines with compile errors

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Michael Hofmann
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Hooks the make quickfix command and converts all compiler errors into signs that are placed next to the line with the error. Additionally, lines with errors are highlighted. Hover with your mouse over such a line to get the error message in a tooltip (only gui), or press \cc. The error markers will be updated on every call to :make.

A screenshot of doxygen in action with a lot of errors can be found at http://mh21.github.io/vim-error-markers-doxygen.png.

Get the latest version, submit pull requests, and file bug reports on GitHub:
install details
Use pathogen.vim.
    cd ~/.vim/bundle
    git clone git://github.com/mh21/errormarker.vim

To distinguish between warnings and errors for gcc messages, place sth. like this in your .vimrc:
        let &errorformat="%f:%l:%c: %t%*[^:]:%m,%f:%l: %t%*[^:]:%m," . &errorformat
If you use a different locale than English, this may be also needed:
        set makeprg=LANGUAGE=C\ make

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
errormarker-0.2.1.zip 0.2.1 2016-05-04 7.0 Michael Hofmann - only remove own signs (thanks Mike Szymaniak)
errormarker-0.2.zip 0.2 2015-01-25 7.0 Michael Hofmann - redraw (thanks yoppi, kano4)
- ship icons, sign highlight (thanks andersonfreitas)
- ship docs separately, moved to github (thanks mbertheau)
errormarker.vim 0.1.13 2010-10-28 7.0 Michael Hofmann - shortcut can be disabled (thanks Michael Jansen)
errormarker.vim 0.1.12 2010-05-21 7.0 Michael Hofmann shortcut (<Leader>cc) to show error at cursor (thanks Eric Rannaud)
errormarker.vim 0.1.11 2008-07-01 7.0 Michael Hofmann - changelog fix
errormarker.vim 0.1.10 2008-07-01 7.0 Michael Hofmann - removes accidental dependency on NerdEcho
errormarker.vim 0.1.9 2007-06-19 7.0 Michael Hofmann - fixes Win32 icon display
errormarker.vim 0.1.8 2007-06-10 7.0 Michael Hofmann - check for Vim version
errormarker.vim 0.1.7 2007-06-07 7.0 Michael Hofmann - fixes gcc error message parsing example
errormarker.vim 0.1.6 2007-05-04 7.0 Michael Hofmann - support for GetLatestVimScripts (vimscript#642)
errormarker.vim 0.1.5 2007-04-21 7.0 Michael Hofmann - clarified documentation about paths
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