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FindFile : Open file quickly by using autocomplete

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William Lee
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Somewhat similar to locate on Unix, FindFile allows you open a file quickly by typing in its file name.  You can use :FC to generate the cache of all files in a directory recursively, then using :FF will open a buffer that can autocomplete on the filenames that are cached.  Pressing <Enter> will open the file.  

This is a pure vim implementation and the cache is stored in memory using a vim dictionary.  It should work on both Windows and Unix.

See http://wlee.net/FindFile.swf.html for details.
install details
Put this file in your ~/.vim/plugin directory.
If you are working on a project, go to the root directory of the project,
then execute:

    :FindFileCache .<CR>
    :FC .<CR>

This will recursively parse the directory and create the internal cache.

You can also put in multiple arguments in :FC:

    :FC /dir1 /dir2 /dir3

You can add to the cache by calling :FC again.  File with the same path
will not be added to the cache twice.

To find a file:


This opens a scratch buffer that you can type in the file name.  Press
<Esc> will quit the buffer, while <Enter> will select and edit the file.

This will split the window and open the file in the newly split window:


To clear the internal cache, do:


You can put the following lines in your ~/.vimrc in order to invoke
FindFile quickly by hitting <C-f>:

    nmap <C-f> :FindFile<CR>
    nmap <C-s> :FindFileSplit<CR>

By default, all the *.o, *.pyc, and */tmp/* files will be ignored, in
addition to the wildignore patterns.  You can customize this by setting in
your .vimrc:

    let g:FindFileIgnore = ['*.o', '*.pyc', '*/tmp/*']

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
FindFile.vim 1.0.3 2007-08-20 7.0 William Lee Ignore the directories in the autocomplete file list.
FindFile.vim 1.0.2 2007-08-08 6.0 William Lee Map more characters for autocompletion.
FindFile.vim 1.0.1 2007-05-17 7.0 William Lee Added the FindFileSplit option.  Improved the autocomplete behavior.
FindFile.vim 1.0 2007-05-16 7.0 William Lee Initial upload
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