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template file loader : Loads a template file and does customizable processing when editing a new file.

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scott urban
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This plugin is for loading template files when editing new files.  A template file will be loaded if found, keywords in that template are expanded, and/or a customized function for that type of files is called.

For all new files, the script checks to see if you have a skeleton (template) file for the extension of that file.  For example, ":new temp.c"  would check for the existence of "skel.c".  Files without extensions are handled also - if you did ":new makefile", the script checks for the existence of "skel.noext.makefile".

skel.* files are looked for in a directory specified with the environment variable $VIMTEMPLATE or in your ~/.vim directory if that env var doesn't exist.  This allows you to use mutliple sets of template files - some for work files and some for personal files, for example.

This plugin is meant to be customized - add your own keywords for expansion or your own file specific template functions (example provided in script).

The script includes many example skel.* files - some are links to others.

install details
1 - Un-gzip
2 - Un-tar in $HOME/.vim or equivalent.
3 - Plugins must be turned on.
4 - Customize as you see fit

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
templatefile-1.5.tar.gz 1.5 2002-02-23 6.0 Ľubomír Host Patched little bug in Makefile.
template.gz 1.2 2002-02-05 6.0 Ľubomír Host Completely rewrited. I include this plugin to my vimconfig project:
templatefile.tar.gz 1.0 2002-02-02 6.0 scott urban Initial upload
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