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blinking_cursor : Makes the cursor blink in x terms when the user is in insert mode

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created by
Bruno Dupuis
script type
A short script ( with two c prgrams ) that makes the cursor blink in x terms when the user switches in insert mode. I think it may run on other vim Version, but i didn't test yet.
install details
* Supported os:
  - Linux/UNIX
* Install:
  - copy the archive somewhere in your Vim path (usually /usr/share/vim/addons/plugin if you've got root permissions  or ~/.vim/plugin). You can also put it anywhere as long as you keep  'vimblinkcursor' and 'vimstopblinking' along with blink_cursor.vim. In this case switch the script on manually into Vim with:
          :so /path/to/the/script/blinking_cursor.vim

  - untar the archive:
          $ tar -zxvf blinking_cursor.tar.gz

  - Make sure that your terminal isn't set to make the cursor blink (in gnome-terminal : Edit=>Current Profile...). If you want to keep the cursor blinking while not using vim, you can add this line in your ~/.bashrc file :
and in your ~/.vimrc:
            augroup blinking_cursor
            au VimLeave * :silent! ! /full/path/to/the/scriptvimblinkcursor&
            augroup END

  - If it doesn't work as expected, or if you are not on a i386-arch computer, compile vimblinkcursor and stopblinking sources again:
           $ gcc vimblinkcursor.c -o vimblinkcursor
           $ gcc vimstopblinking.c -o vimstopblinking

  - If it still does not work properly, please e-mail me
  - let the user set the blinking delays
  - let the user switch the script on/off
  - port to windows ( i don't think i can do it myself _I've got only an uninstalled win95 copy_. If someone can, please e-mail me )
* Thanks
  - blinking_cursor.vim uses blink.c by Bram Moolenaar (provided with vim in /tools)

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blinking_cursor.tar.gz 0.1 2007-08-23 7.0 Bruno Dupuis Initial upload
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