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greplist.vim : vimgrep location list manager

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created by
Yuri Klubakov
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This plug-in is for someone who often does multi-file search in multiple locations and these locations often change when for example you work on several different projects.  It helps to maintain a list of frequently used vimgrep locations and defines commands to edit a list and to perform a search in the selected locations.

:GrepListConfig command loads a list for editing.  A list is kept in
"$HOME/_vimgrep" file or in "$VIM/_vimgrep" file if $HOME is not defined.  If "_vimgrep" file does not exist or empty, a sample list is created.  Status line shows useful normal mode mappings:
  'q' - abandon any changes and wipe the buffer
  's' - save the changes and wipe the buffer
  ' ' - select/deselect current line (selected lines start with '+')

:GrepListFind(mode) command prompts for the string to find and starts the vimgrep search in the selected locations.  The default value for the search string is either the current visual selection (mode != 0) or the current word (mode == 0).  Plug-in automatically surrounds the search string with '/' and adds 'j' option.

As usual, it is more convenient to create mappings for these commands.  For example:
noremap <F8> :GrepListFind 0<CR>
inoremap <F8> <C-O>:GrepListFind 0<CR>
vnoremap <F8> <C-C>:GrepListFind 1<CR>

For more information please see the source code -- it is small and easy to read.
install details
Download and copy greplist.vim to $HOME/vimfiles/plugin or
$VIM/vimfiles/plugin directory.

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greplist.vim 1.0 2007-09-01 7.0 Yuri Klubakov Initial upload
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