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camlanot.vim : Ocaml support for type annotation files, included support for ocamlbuild

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created by
Vincent Aravantinos
script type
**** This plugin is now part of the official ocaml ftplugin (i.e. the one already distributed with Vim) ****

Ocaml support for annot file is already implemented in the official Ocaml ftplugin and in ocaml.annot.pl (script_id=1197).

But this script adds the following:

   - no need for python support (neither perl or anything else : only vim code inside)
     + plus: more portable
     + minus: no more lazy parsing, it looks very fast however
   - ocamlbuild support, ie.
     + the plugin finds the _build directory and looks for the
       corresponding file inside;
     + if the user decides to change the name of the _build directory thanks
       to the '-build-dir' option of ocamlbuild, the plugin will manage to find it out;
     + if ocamlbuild is not used, the usual behaviour holds; ie. the .annot
       file should be in the same directory as the source file;
     + for vim plugin programmers:
       the variable 'b:_build_dir' contains the inferred path to the build
       directory, even if this one is not named '_build'.

   - latin1 accents are handled
   - lists are handled, even on multiple lines, you don't need the visual mode
     (the cursor must be on the first bracket)
   - parenthesized expressions, arrays, and structures (ie. '(...)', '[|...|]',
     and '{...}') are handled the same way

   - press <LocalLeader>t to display the type of expression under cursor
   - don't forget to compile with -dtypes option (or -cflags -dtypes if you're using ocamlbuild)

install details
We'll assume your personal vim directory is "~/.vim/".

- Copy the plugin in "~/.vim/after/ftplugin/"
- If it does not already exist, add a file "~/.vim/after/ftplugin/ocaml.vim".
- At the end of this file, add the following line :
source camlanot.vim
- It's done.

Version note: should work with Vim 6.0, but not tested.

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camlanot.vim 0.9 2007-09-22 7.0 Vincent Aravantinos Initial upload
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