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of.vim : Switch between open files / Find files by parital name (Similar to TM's Cmd-T)

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Ethan McCreadie
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This script works under CLI Vim (not gvim) and provides a curses interface for switching between / opening files simlar to TextMate's Cmd-T command.  It requires Vim to be compiled with Ruby bindings, and if you want it to keep a history, also for Ruby's sqlite3 bindings to be installed (it makes a db in your home directory, .of.db, where it stores info on recently opened files and preferred shortcuts for certain files).  To open a file called accounts_controller.php, you could simply call OF (I bind it to Alt-T) and type in ac -- a list of files under your working directory come up that have these two letters in any order.  Move up and down with arrows or ^P/^N, scroll with your mouse, or click/enter to select.  Escape gets you out.  This is a work in progress.  The code has no comments and needs to be cleaned up, but it does what I want it to for now, and maybe what you want.

This may be a little slow if run from a directory with a huge amount of files.  I usually start it from the base of whatever project I'm working on.
install details
Make sure you have Ruby bindings compiled into Vim.  They are included in Ubuntu's vim-full package, and can be compiled in with the --enable-rubyinterp option for ./configure if you are compiling from source.  To check if they're working in Vim, type :ruby puts 'Hello'.  

If you want a working file history, and smart reuse of the shortcuts you use, you'll also need to install Ruby, Sqlite3 and Ruby Sqlite3 bindings on your system (highly recommended, but a pain on some systems):

In Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install vim-full ruby libsqlite3-ruby sqlite3  (easy as pie)

Via Yum:

sudo yum install ruby-devel
sudo yum install sqlite3-devel
sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby  (there is probably a yum package for ruby-sqlite3, but there wasn't on the machine I tested on)

OS X via MacPorts: (with /opt/local/bin in your path before /usr/bin):

sudo port install ruby
sudo port install vim +ruby
sudo port install sqlite3
sudo port install rb-rubygems
sudo gem update
sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby

Put of.vim in your ~/.vim/plugins folder, and bind call OF() to something.  I use Alt-T (in my .vimrc):
nnoremap ^[t :call OF()<CR>
(type ^[t like ctrl-v, alt-t)

If you need to do anything special to install it on another type of system, shoot me an email and I will post the details here.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
of.vim 0.16 2007-10-15 7.0 Ethan McCreadie adjusted scrolling and file-list caching
of.vim 0.15 2007-10-15 7.0 Ethan McCreadie fixed scrolling issue and some funky db saves
of.vim 0.14 2007-10-12 7.0 Ethan McCreadie fixes
of.vim 0.13 2007-10-12 7.0 Ethan McCreadie Allows script to function without sqlite support.  Much more fun if you have it though.
of.vim 0.12 2007-10-12 6.0 Ethan McCreadie Accomodates for versions of sqlite that don't support CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS syntax
of.vim 0.11 2007-10-12 6.0 Ethan McCreadie Allows for sqlite3 to come from ruby-gems, fixed minor bugs.
of.vim 0.1 2007-10-12 7.0 Ethan McCreadie Initial upload
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