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newlisp : newLISP syntax file

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Cyril Slobin
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Syntax file for the newLISP language (http://www.newlisp.org). Another location is http://slobin.ru/vim/syntax/newlisp.vim
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
newlisp.vim 1.37 2013-06-02 7.0 Cyril Slobin Based on newLISP v10.5.0 (including bigint arithmetic)
newlisp.vim 1.35 2011-04-15 7.0 Cyril Slobin Misc changes, experimental release.
newlisp.vim 1.33 2010-10-07 7.0 Cyril Slobin Got in synch with newLISP v10.2.16
newlisp.vim 1.32 2010-10-07 7.0 Cyril Slobin Matching of parentheses in documenting comments was broken, fixed.
newlisp.vim 1.31 2010-05-09 6.0 Cyril Slobin Multiple patches by LM adopted, ready for newLISP 10.3 release.
newlisp.vim 1.27 2009-06-12 6.0 Cyril Slobin new built-in and preloaded functions from newlisp 10.0.8, newlispdoc custom tags, intended to match the upcoming newlisp 10.1 release
newlisp.vim 1.25 2009-03-21 6.0 Cyril Slobin Synchronized with newlisp 10.0.2
newlisp.vim 1.24 2008-11-26 6.0 Cyril Slobin Another step toward newlisp v10.0
newlisp.vim 1.23 2008-09-28 6.0 Cyril Slobin Meeting the upcoming newlisp v10.0 release
newlisp.vim 1.22 2008-06-19 6.0 Cyril Slobin Vim 6.0 compatibility restored
newlisp.vim 1.21 2008-06-16 7.0 Cyril Slobin Functions list updated to meet 9.3.15 version of newlisp (hopefully it will not change in 9.4.0)
newlisp.vim 1.20 2008-03-30 6.0 Cyril Slobin 'read' replaced with 'read-expr', definition of special symbols changed
newlisp.vim 1.19 2008-02-28 6.0 Cyril Slobin @index keyword and <hr> tag added
newlisp.vim 1.18 2008-02-24 6.0 Cyril Slobin ostype added to standard variables, ALL_CAPS became special
newlisp.vim 1.17 2008-02-24 6.0 Cyril Slobin Code cleanup
newlisp.vim 1.16 2008-02-22 6.0 Cyril Slobin fn keyword added, some groups renamed
newlisp.vim 1.15 2008-02-15 6.0 Cyril Slobin read and lambda keywords added
newlisp.vim 1.14 2008-02-02 6.0 Cyril Slobin Fixed bug in @link keyword highlighting
newlisp.vim 1.13 2008-02-01 6.0 Cyril Slobin Symbols ending with special characters are treated as special; errors disabling (introduced in 1.10) removed back, it was a bad idea anyway.
newlisp.vim 1.12 2008-01-19 6.0 Cyril Slobin Keywords list updated; functions and constants placed in separate groups; link to this page in header; minor bugfixes.
newlisp.vim 1.10 2007-11-23 6.0 Cyril Slobin Highlighting of errors can be disabled on case-by-case basis
newlisp.vim 1.9 2007-11-12 6.0 Cyril Slobin Start of non top-level expression in the first column is marked as an error -- probably the previous top-level expression has not been closed properly
newlisp.vim 1.8 2007-11-11 6.0 Cyril Slobin Bug in <italic> and 'monospace' highlighting fixed
newlisp.vim 1.7 2007-11-10 6.0 Cyril Slobin Fixed bug in @example keyword highlighting
newlisp.vim 1.6 2007-11-10 6.0 Cyril Slobin Fixed bug when syntax switched off and back on or colorscheme changed
newlisp.vim 1.5 2007-11-10 6.0 Cyril Slobin By popular demand, quoted symbols are highlighted now
newlisp.vim 1.4 2007-11-09 6.0 Cyril Slobin newlispdoc syntax properly supported
newlisp.vim 1.3 2007-11-09 6.0 Cyril Slobin Keywords and HTML tags in comments are highlighted now
newlisp.vim 1.2 2007-11-09 6.0 Cyril Slobin Parentheses highlighting added
newlisp.vim 1.1+1 2007-11-09 6.0 Cyril Slobin Initial upload
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