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Twitter : Post to Twitter from Vim

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Travis Jeffery
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This is a very simple Vim Script that allows you to post to Twitter straight from Vim.

Usage: Do the command :PosttoTwitter it will ask you for your Twitter in the command-line, type it in and hit enter to send it off. Or in a buffer; type the text you want to Twitter and in normal mode do :BPosttoTwitter to try and send the whole buffer, or :CPosttoTwitter to send the current line, or T to send the visualized text.

For anyone who wants to follow me: http://twitter.com/travisjeffery

Get the new and improved version by Po Shan Cheah at http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2204 in the future.
install details
Install: move to someplace in your Vim Path (most likely: .vim/plugin/) and put in your .vimrc file: let vimtwitter_login="USER:PASS"

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimtwitter.vim 5.0 2008-03-28 7.0 Travis Jeffery This will probably be my last version, it will be continued by Po Shan Cheah. This version does a lot under the hood: now you just define your login and password in your .vimrc file so that when you update the script you don't have to change it at all. The format in your .vimrc file should be "let vimtwitter_login="USER:PASS". All the commands are the same, now when you use the T command (tweet visualized text) it doesn't have to open a new tab. Added HTTP proxy support, URL-encoded the tweet so that special characters such as &, ", %, all work much better now. Thanks to Po Shan Cheah for the help, and to everyone who liked my script.
vimtwitter.vim 4.1 2008-03-26 7.0 Travis Jeffery Fixed a bug with the T map.
vimtwitter.vim 4.0 2008-03-07 7.0 Travis Jeffery Changed the :PosttoTwitter command so that you now just type your Twitter in the command-line. So when you do :PosttoTwitter it will ask you for your twitter you type it in and send it off; which is better because there's no need to start a new buffer. To Twitter the current buffer now do :BPosttoTwitter, and to Twitter the current line do the :CPosttoTwitter.
vimtwitter.vim 3.0 2008-03-02 7.0 Travis Jeffery Now when you send a Twitter it nows says "from Vim" instead of the default "from web."
vimtwitter.vim 2.0 2008-02-24 7.0 Travis Jeffery Added a few other things by request; now you can just send the current line with :CPosttoTwitter, and also I hacked together the ability to post visually selected text. To send visualized text; visual select the text and press T, thats a capital t. All the functionality to send visualized text is through a map that will yank the text, open a new tab, paste the text run the normal command :PosttoTwitter and then close the tab.
vimtweet.vim 1.61 2008-02-21 7.0 Travis Jeffery Fixed a grammar mistake.
vimtwitter.vim 1.6 2008-02-21 7.0 Travis Jeffery Now supports "quotes."
vimtweet.vim 1.5 2008-02-18 7.0 Travis Jeffery Fixed an error where the script wouldn't send Tweets that were exactly 140 characters.
vimtwitter.vim 1.4 2008-02-18 7.0 Travis Jeffery The script will now handle multiple lines.
vimtwitter.vim 1.3 2008-02-18 7.0 Travis Jeffery Now tells you how many characters you used on a successful Tweet.
vimtwitter.vim 1.2 2008-02-18 7.0 Travis Jeffery If you're over 140 characters it will tell you by how many and and not send anything.
vimtwitter.vim 1.1 2008-02-18 7.0 Travis Jeffery Simply made it so that "Tweet successfully sent." is echoed.
vimtwitter.vim 1.0 2008-01-15 7.0 Travis Jeffery Initial upload
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