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xoria256.vim : Soft pastel gamma on dark background, same appearence in {,g}vim

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created by
Dmitriy Zotikov
script type
color scheme
--- outdated a little ---
* Django template, random HTML page: http://i052.radikal.ru/1105/cd/033017b68c3c.png
* NEDRTree, crazy vim autocomplete: http://i017.radikal.ru/1105/b8/113c699f023f.png
* vimdiff (indispensable for the sysadmins out there!): http://i048.radikal.ru/1105/05/93e85f0eccda.png
--- outdated even more (but still representative) ---
* GUI, C code with a :split and foldings: http://i.piccy.info/i3/2f/32/04d9c2b4095038a9ee591e9ef6a3.png
* Console, C code: http://i.piccy.info/i3/e8/cd/9d32e1fd38e9c8b54848a3f59794.png
* GUI, Python: http://i.piccy.info/i3/4b/63/8815c1fbed0dfdf2a3a6af1bc83c.png
* Console, Bash: http://i.piccy.info/i3/6d/fc/f8c24fb713f396dae0127ec2339c.png

This colorscheme tries to follow the "traditional" colour semantics found in some IDEs: cold (blue-ish) hues for control structures, warm colors for data, (green would look for comments, but it's difficult to pick an appropriate value for the dark background with only 256 colors available plus a little hard to read, so they are grey). Colors should look almost similar in vim, running in any modern terminal emulator (like recent versions of xterm or konsole), and in GTK2 GUI.
install details
Your terminal should support 256-color terminfo definitions.  For that, install 'ncurses-term' or similar package (not installed in Ubuntu-8.10 by default, btw). Then check that you have $TERM variable properly defined (`echo $TERM` gives something like "xterm-256color"). I use gnome-terminal, and I additionally put the following into ~/.bashrc:

if [ "$COLORTERM" == "gnome-terminal" ]; then
    export TERM=xterm-256color

If you plan to use screen multiplexer, you'll also have to assure, that your ~/.screenrc contains the following stuff:

term screen-256color
attrcolor b ".I"
# Tell screen how to set colors. AB = background, AF=foreground
termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm'
# Erase background with current bg color.  Not needed if TERM=screen-256color
defbce "on"

When everything is set and done, copy xoria256.vim into ~/.vim/colors.  To use it, issue ':colo xoria256' in {,g}vim.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
xoria256.vim 1.8 2020-01-01 8.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Add new colour definitions for StatusLineTerm, StatusLineTermNC (thanks, Hugh)
xoria256.vim 1.7 2019-06-02 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Add licencing information.
xoria256.vim 1.6 2016-01-31 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov minor changes
xoria256.vim 1.5 2011-05-30 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Experimental colours for HTML, NERDTree plugin, django templates, something else... Some fixes from the cool folks 'round the globe (big up!)
xoria256.vim 1.4 2010-11-13 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Spelling errors highlighting colours are taken from railscasts.vim as suggested. Thanks!
xoria256.vim 1.3 2010-11-13 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Few updates here and there.
xoria256.vim 1.2 2010-04-30 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov WildMenu uses the green as a highlight, NonText and LineNr are darker than normal text.
xoria256.vim 1.1 2009-03-30 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov New colors in vimdiff mode (thanks, Scrool); Highlight Errors with background red (thanks, Diwaker); Make Identifier non-bold.
xoria256.vim 1.0 2009-01-25 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Major update. Full code rewrite, many fixes.
xoria256.vim 0.3.2 2008-05-24 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Small fix for 'Ignore' highlight (some elements were not displayed properly in vim :help files)
xoria256.vim 0.3.1 2008-05-15 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Small fixes for 'Number', 'Identifier' and 'Special' highlights. Sorry for that frequent updates, but I feel almost physical pain when I see a smallest color inconsistency. I'm still not completly satisfied with what is done, however, so, please, send me your ideas on how the scheme could be improved in your opinion.
xoria256.vim 0.3 2008-05-09 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Lots of changes, please upgrade!
xoria256.vim 0.2 2008-05-03 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Small fixes for 'Folded' and 'Number' highlights. Thanks, Diwaker!
xoria256.vim 0.1 2008-02-03 7.0 Dmitriy Zotikov Initial upload
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