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snippets.vim : Simple snippet storage and retrieval separated by filetype.

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created by
Jeremy Cantrell
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Simple utility for managing snippets of text within vim. Users can add, edit, and delete snippets within vim. Command completion is supported in all places that make sense. A menu is also added at "Plugin/Snippets".

AddSnippet -- adds new snippet that contain a range of lines
EditSnippet -- edits a snippet in a new tab
DeleteSnippet -- deletes a snippet (with confirmation)
InsertSnippet -- inserts a snippet before the current line
AppendSnippet -- inserts a snippet after the current line
ListSnippets -- lists snippets

MAPPINGS (<leader> is set to '\', by default)
<leader>ssa -- AddSnippet with current buffer (normal mode)
<leader>ssa -- AddSnippet with range of lines (visual mode)
<leader>sse -- EditSnippet
<leader>ssd -- DeleteSnippet
<leader>ssp -- AppendSnippet
<leader>ssP -- InsertSnippet
<leader>ssl -- ListSnippets
install details
Place script in ~/.vim/plugin and start vim.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
snippets.vim 0.2 2008-02-23 7.0 Jeremy Cantrell Made functions, variables, and mappings "script-friendly". Thanks #vim!
snippets.vim 0.1.5 2008-02-22 7.0 Jeremy Cantrell Split the PutSnippet command into InsertSnippet and AppendSnippet
snippets.vim 0.1.4 2008-02-14 7.0 Jeremy Cantrell The base snippet directory can now be overridden by setting the variable "g:snippets_base_directory" in the vimrc file.
snippets.vim 0.1.3 2008-02-14 7.0 Jeremy Cantrell Confirmation dialog now uses the builtin confirm()
snippets.vim 0.1.2 2008-02-14 7.0 Jeremy Cantrell Fixed a problem where the base snippet directory was not being created on startup.
snippets.vim 0.1.1 2008-02-13 7.0 Jeremy Cantrell Forgot to add a description to the script header.
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