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leo256 : A beautiful theme for dark/black background (256 colors, gui + term)

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created by
Lorenzo Leonini
script type
color scheme
This is my multipurpose everyday theme I use for coding (and everything else :-).

It focuses on high readability and colors harmony.

Good results with most programming languages:
  - Ruby
  - Lua
  - Scala
  - Clojure
  - PHP
  - HTML
  - ...

Have a look:



install details
Just copy leo.vim into ~/.vim/colors.

To use it, issue ':colorscheme leo' in vim and you're done (put 'colorscheme leo' in you .vimrc for a permanent setting).

If your term reports only 8 colors ('tput colors') you can try to set in you .vimrc
set t_Co=256

Recent xterm, Eterm, gnome-terminal and konsole support 256 colors.

Background color of your terminal should be deep black. Colors will appear a little dark on Eterm (compare with screenshots if needed).

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
leo.vim 1.0 2010-11-21 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini The long awaited version 1.0 ;)                                              

- Tab colors
- Vim 7.3 addition
leo.vim 0.94 2010-04-08 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini Folding color correction.
leo.vim 0.93 2010-03-31 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini Console and GUI are deliberately slightly differents (see 0.93 screenshot)
Preference for a dark black in console and a more lighter black in GUI.
leo.vim 0.92 2010-03-30 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini - Fixed visual in GUI mode
- Dark line numbers
leo.vim 0.91 2010-03-03 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini fixed cursor color with MatchParen
leo.vim 0.9 2009-06-16 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini - more blue (blue <=> green swap)
- lot of changes, some may prefer previous version
leo.vim 0.82 2009-02-13 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini - menu backgrounf lighter
- LineNr
- gui comments in italic
- invisible chars
- status bar
- add MatchParen
- add Underlined
leo.vim 0.8 2009-02-05 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini GUI fix and full synchronization
color < 16 fix (all in 256 code)
lighter comments
boolean and number more visible
leo.vim 0.6 2008-12-03 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini GUI synchro (almost) done,
Minor changes
leo.vim 0.6 2008-12-03 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini GUI synchro (almost) done
Minor changes
leo.vim 0.5 2008-08-13 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini Lot of changes, including:
- search highlight
- Ligther vertical separation
- Folding
- Better diff
- Better pmenu
- Uniformisation between status bar, tabs and pmenu
leo.vim 0.31 2008-07-22 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini - Added coloration for popup menu (omni-completion, ...) (thanks Ryan)
- Added coloration for tabs

(all parts of vim should be themed now)
leo.vim 0.3 2008-07-22 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini - General improvements
- Correct colors on normal xterm
- Preliminary GUI version
leo.vim 0.22 2008-07-02 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini still less bold, little improvements
leo.vim 0.21 2008-02-24 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini less bold, little improvements
leo.vim 0.2 2008-02-19 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini Ful theme, details, diff mode, string background
leo.vim 0.1 2008-02-16 6.0 Lorenzo Leonini Initial upload
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