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cmvc.vim : Menu / Mappings for CMVC version control application

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created by
Dan Sharp
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This script integrates using the IBM Configuration Management Version Control (CMVC) application from within Vim.  It provides keyboard shortcuts as well as a menu to access common functions such as checking files in and out, viewing and responding to defects, etc.

Currently, only the functions I use regularly (Defect, File, Track, and VerifyCm) are implemented.  If you want to add others, the API should be fairly straightforward to do so.  Of course, I would appreciate receiving any changes you make, so that I can incorporate it into the next version (and avoid duplicating the work myself).

NOTE:  This script currently requires Vim 6.  If there is interest in making it 5.x compatible, let me know and I will see what I can do.

TODO:     Here are some other things I want to add when I get around to it:
    - Implement more functions, like Report, to get a list of available defects / files / etc., which you can then view or
    - Make the script more "plugin-ized", like allowing users to override the default mappings and use their own.
    - Keep a history of releases, components, and families used, then present them in a "confirm" dialog so the user
can just pick one instead of retyping it.  Inlcude an "other" button to bring up an "inputdialog" so the user can still
enter an unlisted / new value.
    - Add commands to let the functions be used in Command mode.
install details
Just drop this file into your plugin directory, and it will automatically be loaded when you start Vim.  Otherwise, just put it in a directory of your choice and :source it as needed.  The syntax file should go into your syntax directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
CMVC.tar.gz 1.4 2003-08-07 6.0 Dan Sharp - Make Defect List View prettier.
- Fix diff function
- If set to use password authentication, prompt user to log in on first command if necessary.
- Misc. bug fixes
CMVC.tar.gz 1.3 2002-04-01 6.0 Dan Sharp Fixed some glaring bugs and added:
   - Check out / extract a particular version of a file.
   - Diff two versions of a file with vim's builtin diff support.
   - Login and Logout commands for in case your server requires it.
   - Support more optional attributes of Defect and File commands
CMVC.tar.gz 1.2 2002-03-12 6.0 Dan Sharp --  Now uses full path name when extracting / checking out files.
    Instead of putting the file in the current directory and
    editing it there (preventing the concurrent editing of files
    with the same name in two different releases), use the -top
    option to put the files in the appropriate subdirectory of
    the current directory and edit the file there.
--  Add a help file.
--  Enhance highlighting of -view output.
--  Make script compatible with Johannes Zellner's AutoLoadGen.vim
--  Only load menus when the gui is running.
--  Allow a customizable top-level menu.
cmvc.tar.gz 1.1 2002-02-14 6.0 Dan Sharp -   Added syntax file for to highlight -view output.
-   Added extra map command for closing -view buffer
-   Bug fixes
cmvc.vim 1.0 2002-02-14 6.0 Dan Sharp Initial upload
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