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PERLDOC2 : Perldoc with sytnax highlighting in vim

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Peter Shangov
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This is PERLDOC2 for Vim. This plugin provides colouful experience for viewing perl documentation. The following pod items receive special highlighting treatment: verbatim text, headings and lists. The generated pod documents are kept in a cache directory, which allows browsing back and forth in your pod history.

For more information and some screenshots, see http://mechanicalrevolution.com/blog/perldoc_vim.html
install details
1. Install the Pod::Simple::Vim module from CPAN.
2. Install syntax/perldoc.vim and plugin/perldoc2.vim in the respective folders in your vim runtime path.
3. Set the g:Perldoc_path variable in your vimrc to to point to a directory where the cached pod files will be stored (include trailing slash!).
4. Use the Perldoc command, which requires one argument - the name of a module, e.g. ":Perldoc Test::More".

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
PERLDOC2.zip 0.3 2009-08-28 7.0 Peter Shangov Changed line-endings to unix style
PERLDOC2.zip 0.2 2009-03-30 7.0 Peter Shangov Now uses the Pod::Simple::Vim module from CPAN and no longer requires vim with perl bindings
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