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file:line : Allows you to open file:line and it does the right thing :-)

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Victor Bogado da Silva Lins
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When you open a file:line, for instance when coping and pasting from an error from your compiler vim tries to open a file with a colon in its name. With this little script in your plugins folder if the stuff after the colon is a number and a file exists with the name especified before the colon vim will open this file and take you to the line you wished in the first place.

This script is licensed with GPLv3 and you can contribute to it on github at https://github.com/bogado/file-line .
install details
Just copy the file into your plugins path ($HOME/.vim/plugin under unixes).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
file_line.vim 1.0 2012-02-09 7.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins - better support for windows
- allows copy and paste from grep results (making the line parameter optional)
- center the cursor line (thanks Dmitri Louchtchenko)
- better fold management (thanks Dmitri Louchtchenko)
file:line.vim 0.6 2011-01-26 7.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins Added some changes made by Ingo Karkat that made the whole thing more robust.
file:line.vim 0.5 2011-01-19 7.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins following Dr. David Alan Gilbert suggestion of allowing file:line:column format.
file:line.vim 0.4 2008-08-18 6.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins Closes the buffer for the nonexistent file "file:line" after it opens the correct file.
file:line.vim 0.3 2008-03-11 6.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins Opens eventual folds on the desired lines. Changes made by Rodolfo Borges (user barrett9h)
file:line.vim 0.2 2008-03-07 6.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins This version uses a simpler way to open the desired file and also uses the "nested" option so the loaded file can be correctly detected by vim.
file:line.vim 0.1 2008-03-07 6.0 Victor Bogado da Silva Lins Initial upload
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