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earendel : Light and cheerful color scheme with friendly colors, highly readable

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created by
Georg Dahn
script type
color scheme
This color scheme is for GUI only, although it contains some tweaks for the console version of Vim, too. It is not too complicated and its highlights are supposed to be cheerful, friendly to your eyes, and easy to read. Though all niceties can only bee seen in Vim 7, this color scheme should work in Vim 6, too.

Since version 1.1 it contains not only a light color scheme, but also a dark one. The correct scheme is being chosen according to the setting of the option 'background'.

You can switch between these styles by using the :Colo command, like ":Colo light" or ":Colo dark"
install details
Just put it in "~/.vim/colors" or in "<your vim directory>\vimfiles\colors" on Windows. Do ":colo earendel" to apply it. If you want to install it as your default color scheme, just add "colo earendel" to your vimrc file.

If your background is dark, the dark mode of this scheme will be loaded (and vice versa). If the scheme doesn't load the mode being preferred by you, just add one of the following to your vimrc file:

set background=dark
set background=light

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
earendel.vim 2.4.4 2016-05-03 7.0 Georg Dahn Changed CursorColumn from gray to low saturated red.
earendel.vim 2.4.3 2015-01-08 7.0 Georg Dahn Changed guibg of Normal slightly to increase contrast.
earendel.vim 2.4.2 2013-09-17 7.0 Georg Dahn Changed color of LineNr, NonText, CursorLineNr, FoldColumn, and SignColumn to make it more distinguishable from Normal.
earendel.vim 2.4.1 2013-08-29 7.0 Georg Dahn Light scheme: corrected colors of selections and folds.
earendel.vim 2.4 2013-08-28 7.0 Georg Dahn Changed many highlight groups concerning UI to monochrome and added CursorLineNr.
earendel.vim 2.3.6 2013-08-28 7.0 Georg Dahn Light scheme: made background slightly lighter, changed font color to dark gray.
earendel.vim 2.3.5 2011-02-18 7.0 Georg Dahn Changed background in order to reduce contrast.
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