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Obvious Mode : Clearly indicate visually whether Vim is in insert mode

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Brian Lewis
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Clearly indicate visually whether Vim is in insert mode via the StatusLine highlight group. [DEPRECATED]

When you go into insert mode, the status line color changes. When you leave insert mode, the status line color changes back.

Github repo: https://github.com/bsl/obviousmode

This script is deprecated. Please consider using vim-powerline or powerline instead.
install details
Put obviousmode.vim in plugins/
You probably want to
    set laststatus=2

See comments for more configuration options.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
obviousmode.vim 1.24 2011-10-13 7.0 Brian Lewis Salman Halim <salmanhalim@gmail.com> contributed a fix for a StatusLineNC parsing bug.
obviousmode.vim 1.23 2011-10-12 7.0 Brian Lewis Added GUI colors
obviousmode.vim 1.22 2010-09-29 7.0 Brian Lewis Various improvements by Sergey Vlasov.
obviousmode.vim 1.21 2008-04-25 6.0 Brian Lewis fixing documentation error; said "let laststatus=2", should have said "set laststatus=2"
obviousmode.vim 1.2 2008-04-24 6.0 Brian Lewis More robust color saving/restoration due to Erik Falor. Miscellaneous style/performance improvements.
obviousmode.vim 1.1 2008-04-22 6.0 Brian Lewis Improvements. Thank you to Markus Braun.
obviousmode.vim 1.0 2008-04-12 6.0 Brian Lewis Initial upload
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