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darkspectrum : a gvim color scheme based on the oblivion color scheme for gedit

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created by
Brian Mock
script type
color scheme

- STL Highlighting (vimscript#1640 and vimscript#2224)
- Autocomplete Menu
- DiffSplit
- Spelling

This color scheme is based on the oblivion color scheme for gedit, but with some language specific additions and a few more tweaks to provide a wider spectrum of colors.

Thanks to junkblocker for pointing out I forgot to make DiffText something useful.
install details
Just copy the file to your ~/.vim/colors directory

Alternatively, if you use Vundle, you can make use of the vim-scripts GitHub mirror and do this:
Bundle 'darkspectrum'

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script versions (upload new version)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
darkspectrum.vim 1.8 2009-01-08 7.0 Brian Mock Removed hue from greys and blacks in theme
darkspectrum.vim 1.7 2008-09-14 7.0 Brian Mock - Pmenu scrollbar now more visible
- Visual selection highlight now more visible (blue background)
darkspectrum.vim 1.6 2008-08-15 7.0 Brian Mock Added colors for spellchecking (the originals did not stand out well on the dark background)
darkspectrum.vim 1.5 2008-08-05 7.0 Brian Mock Added highlight for STL keywords (refer to STL screenshot above for vim script numbers for the STL syntax files)
darkspectrum.vim 1.4 2008-08-05 7.0 Brian Mock Made WildMenu colors easier on the eyes.
Made DiffDelete completely black instead of having mild dashed lines.
Fixed DiffText so that the individual word changes in a changed line show up.
darkspectrum.vim 1.3 2008-08-01 7.0 Brian Mock Fixed Pmenu coloring so autocomplete (^N) is pretty
darkspectrum.vim 1.2 2008-06-23 7.0 Brian Mock Diff coloring is now easier to spot (orange for additions, blue for changes)
Vertical splits blend better with the window now
Fold colors are now similar to line numbering, but still stand out
darkspectrum.vim 1.1 2008-06-06 7.0 Brian Mock changed diff highlighting (retains syntax highlighting and readability)
darkspectrum.vim 1.0 2008-04-13 7.0 Brian Mock Initial upload
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