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qfn : quickfixnotes: file annotation with quickfix

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created by
Will Drewry
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QuickFixNotes, or QFN, is a quick hack that allows file annotation
based on |quickfix| functionality.  In particular, this plugin allows the user
to tie comments to a specific source file, line number, and column number
without modifying the file being reviewed.  The goal of the plugin is to
provide a simple and useful mechanism for tracking notes when reviewing any
sort of text file -- from documents and book drafts to source code and
configuration files.  Paired with xxd, you can even annotate binary formats
with it.  qfn is useful any place where inserting comments into the
file being reviewed is impractical.

Given its simplicity, this plugin only supplies a simple set of features:

    * Add a comment for the given line and column number to the |quickfix| list
    * Save the current |quickfix| list an expected format
    * Provide all functionality without external scripting dependencies

In the future, QFN may support more advanced interfaces to the |quickfix|.

To use, just map <Plug>QuickFixNote and <Plug>QuickFixSave to keys.  
When called, QuickFixNote will add an entry to the quickfix list with a user
supplied comment for the current cursor's line number, column, and buffer
install details
1. Download the vimball.
2. Run:   vim qfn.vba
3. Execute the following ex command:
       :so %
4. You should now be able to bind <Plug>QuickFixNote and <Plug>QuickFixSave to
   your preferred key combinations.  You can use the ":help qfn" command  at any time
   to get more information.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
qfn.vba 20080420 2008-04-20 7.0 Will Drewry Removed included :copen mappingl switched to vimball packaging.
qfn-20080417.zip 20080417 2008-04-17 7.0 Will Drewry Quick release
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