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Limp : Lisp IDE

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Mikael Jansson
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Limp's goal is to provide a compelling alternative to Slime for Vim. It will let you send s-expressions to a running Lisp.

It will do this for you:

* booting/attaching/detaching a Lisp (SBCL) from Vim or a command-line script, optionally specifying a core;
* send code to the attached Lisp (and limited introspection, see Help Describe);
* automatically close brackets;
* ease s-exp navigation and (some) transposing;
* highlight current form under the cursor;
* lookup documentation from the HyperSpec;
* complete (some) names.

Quickstart (better version with screenshots in the documentation):

In a file with "filetype=lisp" set, hit <F12> to invoke Limp and start a Lisp or connect to an existing.
Write a piece of code, e.g.:

  (defun hello-world (who)
    (format t "Hello, ~A!~%" who))

Place the cursor at any location inside the code and type <Leader>et (Evaluate Top) to send your code to the running Lisp.

Hit <F12> again to see the results!  Then, by placing the cursor at hello-world and typing <Leader>hd (Help Describe) followed by <F12>, you'll see information about the symbol!

(Full list of key bindings at http://mikael.jansson.be/hacking/limp/docs/#keyboard-reference )

To test it, type

  :Eval (hello-world '|Limp User|)

followed by <Enter> and <F12>.

More info in the documentation!
Uses code from ViLisp (vimscript #221), AutoClose (vimscript #1849), HiMtchBrkt (vimscript #1435)
install details
See http://mikael.jansson.be/hacking/limp/docs or the included documentation for complete installation instructions.

Author's setup: Linux/Ubuntu-7.04, SBCL-1.0.x, GVim/Vim-7.1 (make sure to install a Vim with +eval, i.e. `sudo aptitude install vim-full`)

Issue tracker and roadmap at http://mikael.jansson.be/hacking/limp
Repository at https://svn.jansson.be/public/limp

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
limp-0.3.4.tar.gz 0.3.4 2008-06-08 7.0 Mikael Jansson Mostly bugfix release, with some extra candy.
Fixed bugs: #15 (mappings set twice when navigating Lisp buffers); #16 (more robust startup procedure), #19 (eval working on unsaved buffers).
New features: #20 (proper installer), #21 (s-exp navigation and (experimental) transposing).
limp-0.3.3.tar.gz 0.3.3 2008-05-24 7.0 Mikael Jansson * CompileFile/CompileAndLoadFile now saves the file before telling Lisp to load it (#4).
* New command, :Eval, same functionality as \ex.
* Easier keyboard configuration (keys.vim)
* It is now a Lisp filetype plugin, so Limp will start automatically for Lisp files. (set filetype=lisp)
* Configurable location of SBCL in lisp.sh
* Updated documentation about Cmd for Fn-keys in OS X
limp-0.3.2.tar.gz 0.3.2 2008-04-29 7.0 Mikael Jansson * 2008-04-28 by Mikael Jansson <mail@mikael.jansson.be>

  + **ADDED**: TODO file in the distro.
  + *FIXED*: Last occurance of "Lim" found in the HyperSpec helper. Now
    documentation should work properly.
  + TWEAK: Only change colorscheme and nocompatible when not previously set.

* 2008-04-27 by Mikael Jansson <mail@mikael.jansson.be>

  + *FIXED*: Connect-or-boot, without a name given to boot.
limp-0.3.1.tar.gz 0.3.1 2008-04-27 7.0 Mikael Jansson Initial upload
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