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CmdlineComplete : complete command-line (: / etc.) from the current file

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Yuheng Xie
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When editing the command-line (: / etc.), press Ctrl-P or Ctrl-N to complete the word before the cursor, using keywords in the current file. E.g: you want to search for "elephant" in the buffer, just type /ele and press Ctrl-P. So long as "elephant" is in the buffer, you will get "ele" completed into "elephant".

This script is functional similar with (but far more better than) SearchComplete vimscript #474 (version 1.1).
install details
Just drop the script file "cmdline-complete.vim" into the plugin directory. Restart VIM.

If you want to use other keys instead of default <c-p> <c-n>, you may say in your .vimrc
cmap <c-y> <Plug>CmdlineCompleteBackward
cmap <c-e> <Plug>CmdlineCompleteForward
this will use Ctrl-Y for search backward and Ctrl-E for search forward.

Note: I don't think it's good to use Tab and Shift-Tab for completion, since it will disable vim's original cmdline-completion.

Without python, speed will be a bit slow with large file (e.g. > 100K). Compile your vim with python is recommended.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cmdline-complete.vim 1.1.3 2008-07-18 7.0 Yuheng Xie added support for 'iskeyword'
cmdline-complete.vim 1.1.2 2008-07-13 7.0 Yuheng Xie added support for 'ignorecase' and 'smartcase'
cmdline-complete.vim 1.1.1 2008-07-09 7.0 Yuheng Xie trival fix for 1.1
cmdline-complete.vim 1.0.4 2008-05-08 7.0 Yuheng Xie fix for environment where python was found without module re
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