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jptemplate : A simple, yet powerful interactive template system for VIM

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Jannis Pohlmann
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You will find a lot of documentation and some demo videos on http://lunar-linux.org/~jannis/jptemplate/.

You can also download the script and its documentation directly from my git repository on http://git.gezeiten.org/?p=jptemplate.git.

Please send bugs and feature requests to the email address which you will find on my profile page. I especially appreciate ideas for new special variables!
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
jptemplate.vim 1.5 2008-07-08 6.0 Jannis Pohlmann New feature:
  * Use general/ as a fallback directory for all file types. You can now share templates across file types.

  * Really fix the cursor placement this time (hopefully).
jptemplate.vim 1.4 2008-07-07 7.0 Jannis Pohlmann New features:
  * New special variables: ${shell:<put shell command here>} and ${interactive_shell:...}
  * Remember last entered value for all non-special variables
  * Allow $ to appear in variable names and values (thanks to John O'Shea for reminding me)
  * Automatically escape &, ~ and \ in variable values to avoid unexpected behaviour (thanks to Kris Malfettone for spotting this one)
  * Just remove template trigger word if the resulting template is empty
jptemplate.vim 1.3 2008-06-30 7.0 Jannis Pohlmann Bugfixes only
jptemplate.vim 1.2 2008-06-30 7.0 Jannis Pohlmann New features:
  * Support for special variables (with and without default value)
  * Support for global defaults for user variables
  * New special variable: ${date}
jptemplate.vim 1.1 2008-06-30 7.0 Jannis Pohlmann New features:
  * Configurable keyboard shortcut
  * Default values for variables

  * Fix cursor position of templates with ${cursor} not at the end of line (thanks to Fernando H. Silva)
  * Support indentation with tabs (thanks to Mahlon Smith)
jptemplate.vim 1.0 2008-06-27 7.0 Jannis Pohlmann Initial upload
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