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EnhCommentify.vim : comment lines in a program

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created by
Meikel Brandmeyer
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The development of the script is done at http://kotka.de/projects/enhancedcommentify/index.html. Releases may be downloaded from below.

There is a major rework for Vim7 underway. In case you are missing any features, this is the time to suggest them. Send me an email or report your bugs or suggestions in the trac at the link above. This is a serious request from me to the users. In the past a lof of people complained on mailing lists, that "this doesn't work" or "that feature is missing", without contacting me. If you don't tell the upstream author, then this won't change!

Stay tuned.
install details
Simply drop the script in your .vim/plugin directory. There is a detailed EnhancedCommentify.txt, since there are to much options to explain here. Put it in your .vim/doc directory and issue the ':helptags ~/.vim/doc' command. ':help EnhancedCommentify' should then give you any information you need in order to use the new features of the script.                                                                                

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
EnhancedCommentify-2.3.tar.gz 2.3 2008-02-21 6.0 Meikel Brandmeyer Still alive! Yeah! :-D

Finally a new release....

This is mainly a bugfix release:
* Fixed a typo in the apache detection. (thanks to Brian Neu)
* Fixed handling of nested comment escape strings. (thanks to Samuel Ferencik)
* Fixed broken keyboard mappings when wcm is set to <Tab>. (thanks to xpatriotx)

* Added support for viki & deplate (thanks to Thomas Link)
* Added support xslt, xsd & mail (thanks to Stefano Zacchiroli)
* Added callback-functionality to enable extension of the script without actually modifying the script.
EnhancedCommentify-2.2.tar.gz 2.2 2004-09-27 6.0 Meikel Brandmeyer New features:
* Keybindings may be turned off in the different modes. (eg. no bindings in insert mode)
* Keybindings may be local to the buffer now.
* Keybindings may be turned off in case of an unknown filetype.

* Fixed a problem with UseSyntax. (thanks to Pieter Naaijkens)
* Fixed Ocaml support. (thanks to Zhang Le)
EnhancedCommentify-2.1.tar.gz 2.1 2004-01-26 6.0 Meikel Brandmeyer This is version 2.1 of the EnhancedCommentify Script.
New features:
* one-block commenting for multipart comments
* if possible, use commentstring option in order to determine the comment strings.
* moved autocmd to BufWinEnter in order to fix modeline usage
* experimental parsing of comments option to find out middle string for new one-block feature.

* fixed problems with tabs if align-right option is used
* fixed case sensitive check for overrideEL (thanks to Steve Hall)
* fixed problems with javascript filetype (thanks to Brian Neu)
* changed init-autocmd to BufWinEnter to fix usage of modeline
EnhancedCommentify-2.0.tar.gz 2.0 2002-09-11 6.0 Meikel Brandmeyer Version 2.0 is finally out. With a whole bunch of changes. Most important:
The script is now released under BSD license. But this should be no restriction I think.
* ''' is an invalid expression (thanks to Zak Beck)
* AltOpen/Close set to '' could cause problems (thanks to Ben Kibbey)
* bug in keybinding code (thanks to Charles Campbell)
* trouble with 'C' in cpo (thanks to Luc Hermitte)
New features:
* produces now block comments, eg:
    /*int a;
    char b;*/
* option to add ident string only at opener
* options may now be set on a per buffer basis.

I can only recommend (again!) to read the help file for new options and explanations for old ones.
This release contains script und helpfile in a tar.gz.
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