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perl-mauke.vim : improved perl syntax highlighting

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Lukas Mai
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This file is based on the perl.vim syntax definition that comes with vim, but with some heavy modifications intended to improve vim's perl highlighting.

The list of changes includes:
* 'new' and 'croak' are not keywords and no longer highlighted as such
* Special highlighting for pragmas (e.g. "use warnings") now applies to all pragmas coming with perl
* Fixed number highlighting ("0X" is not a valid hex prefix, "L" is not a valid suffix)
* Fixed escape sequence highlighting ("\X123" is not a hex escape, "\123" is limited to three octal digits)
* Lots of improvements in the matching of quoted constructs:
  - vim no longer thinks "!" is a quoting operator (so "!!" works right)
  - support for arbitrary quoting delimiters (e.g. "m%...%" works)
  - I've also tried to make nesting work (e.g. "s[foo[bar]][b[a]z]g")
* Full support for subroutine definitions (parsing of prototypes and attributes)
* Recognizes v-strings and statement labels
* "=>" quotes its LHS, even if it's a keyword
* Perl 5.10 support: new keywords ('given', 'when', 'default', 'state', 'break') and regexp control operators ('PRUNE', 'SKIP', 'COMMIT', etc.)
install details
Copy perl.vim into ~/.vim/syntax/ and vim will find it before the "standard" perl syntax file that comes with vim.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
perl.vim 0.11 2008-08-07 6.0 Lukas Mai * fold "given" blocks
* highlight \012 as octal escape in regexes
* fix "$foo:bar" highlighting if 'iskeyword' contains ":"
* switch scope_in_variables and extended_vars on by default
perl.vim 0.10 2008-07-15 6.0 Lukas Mai Initial upload
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