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GoogleSearchVIM : Search for keywords with the Google Desktop Search engine from inside VIM

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created by
Jack Atkinson
script type
This plugin allows you to use Google Desktop Search engine to search text
files on your hard drives (or network drives if configured in GDS) from within VIM.
This requires python, pygoogledesktop script, python windows extensions, and Google Desktop Search engine installed.
Right now, this is a Windows only program, until I find time to modify it
for other OS's.

This might get you quicker results instead of using vimgrep or grep.
install details
Make sure you have the latest Google Desktop Search engine installed for Windows!

Make sure the correct version of Python is installed on your machine that
VIM supports.  Type :version and you should see a "+python" or "+python/dyn"
If it is not there, then you cannot use this script.
Also in that same version command, check for "DFEAT_PYTHON" to see
where python is installed for VIM to use and make sure your python is
located there.

Make sure you have a copy of PyGoogleDesktop python package installed
as well. "http://code.google.com/p/pythongoogledesktop"; or if you have
setuptools, do "easy_install pygoogledesktop" to install.  The easy_install should download the pywin32 extensions if you don't have them.

NOTE: Make sure that the (PythonInstallDirectory)\PythonXX\Scripts directory is in your PYTHONPATH.  Hopefully I'll have this fixed soon!

Install googlesearch.vim into your plugin directory

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
googlesearch.vim 0.4 2008-08-29 7.0 Jack Atkinson Fixed a little problem with the results buffer acting like a file wanting to be saved.  Changed the buffer type, so it will no longer prompt you to save it, so you can use "gf" to jump to the file.
googlesearch.vim 0.3 2008-07-25 7.0 Jack Atkinson trying to fix some result buffer problems
googlesearch.vim 0.2 2008-07-25 7.0 Jack Atkinson Initial upload
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