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QuickName : The most convenient way navigating opened buffers, incremental search by name

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pal nart
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The most convenient way to navigate currently opened buffers.

Default hot key is F3.

Initially, QuickName display the full list of opened buffers in a compact way (multi-column) inside command area. As you type, QuickName narrows the list to only buffers with matched name. Hit <Enter> to open selected buffer. Hit <Esc> or hot key (default F3) again to close QuickName.

When QuickName is active, arrow keys and backspace function as expected.

Matching rule: thefile.vim can be matched with any of thefil, thefi.vim, thfl.vm. Guess why!

Should QuickName integrate with QuickBuf, and how?
Any ideas and bug reports, please send to palnart@gmail.com.
install details
Put qname.vim in plugin directory, or source it via Vim startup script.

To set QuickName hot key to <key>, put this line in your Vim startup script:
    let g:qname_hotkey = "<key>"
By default, hot key is <F3>, as if in your startup script has the line:
    let g:qname_hotkey = "<F3>"

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
qname.1.2.vim 1.2 2013-02-03 7.0 pal nart ADD: <Tab> and <S-Tab> moves selection like <Up> and <Down>
ADD: Use <silent> mapping to keep cmdline clear
FIX: Catch interrupt (<C-C> or <Esc> keypress) and restore cmd line
FIX: Use case-sensitive string comparisons to afford immunity from
value of 'ignorecase'
FIX: Do not clobber contents of @y register
Thanks to Erik Falor for all above changes
qname.vim 1.1 2009-07-19 7.0 pal nart ADD: Key Shift+Enter open buffer in a new horizontally split window. Thanks to contribution by Salman Halim
ADD: Key Ctrl+U reset input line and show all buffers
FIX: If a buffer is already associated with a window, navigate to that window instead of opening in current window
qname.vim 1.0 2008-07-30 7.0 pal nart Initial upload
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