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std_c.zip : A Standard C syntax file.

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Mike Williams
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This C syntax file is to help developing portable Standard C code.  That is C code that has to be able to compile on many different compilers.  The default is to highlight C89 C code, but it can be configured to allow or flag as an error C94 and C99 language features (types, constants, etc.)

Additional non-standard C features can be allowed - C++ comments, GNU C keywords, $ in identitfiers for VMS C, etc.

The syntax file also has the following benefits:

o more language elements highlighted (e.g. function and identifier names)
o more syntax errors highlighted, and
o better highlighting of macros.

Details of all configuration options are documented in the supplied help file.

More detail can be found at http://www.eandem.co.uk/mrw/vim/syntax/index.html#ansic
install details
Download the zip file and expand into your runtime path using the directory paths included.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
std_c.zip 12.5 2006-06-24 7.0 Mike Williams Misc updates:
o Add support for syntax based folding.
o Add VIM7 spell group to comments and strings.
o Braces within parentheses no longer highlighted as an error (controllable).
o Add missing C99 printf float format specifier F.
o Doc updated for new configuration options.
std_c.zip 11.2 2004-08-08 6.0 Mike Williams Bug fixes for nested comments and system header include statements.
std_c.zip 10.8 2003-09-03 6.0 Mike Williams Correct highlighting of #pragma and #warn[ing] pp directives. Minor fix to correct handling of '-' in sscanf() scanlists when there are the last character.
std_c.zip 10.5 2003-06-05 6.0 Mike Williams Added following:
o correct highlighting of digraphs in tokens if enabled
o C++ comments can have the line continuation character - \ !!!
o Fixed bug in highlighting nested array bracketing, and
o Change invalid token ~= from operator highlight to an error.
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