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Russian PLansliterated : Transliterated Russian without breaking normal-mode

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Krzysiek Goj
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Check out translit.vim (vimscript #2469), which should be considered as a successor of this plugin.


This plug-in allows you to write transliterated Russian (Cyrillic alphabet)
in insert and replace mode. Other modes are unaffected and just work (which
makes it superior to relying on GTK's input methods).
Transliteration is heavily biased towards Polish orthography and phonetics,
eg. "ч" is spelled as "cz" (not "ch"), "Я" is "Ja", not 'Ya', etc. This is
why it's called PLansliterated :) It's quite trivial to turn this plug-in
into english transliteration, CZransliteration, FRansliteration, etc. If
you do so for your 'source' language of choice, feel free to post your work
on vim.org or just drop me a line.
Turn transliteration on and off by :RussianOn, :RussianOff or :ToggleRussian
commands. You can also use CTRL+q (both in insert and normal mode) for
Most of characters should be quite intuitive (at least if you're Polish).
I decided to make both "e" and "je" represent Cyrillic "е".
Use "e'" to get 'э'. "'" stands for "ь" and "`" is for "ъ". Prefix with
tilde to get uppercase variants of твердый and мягкий знак, eg. "~`" for "Ъ".

If you need several Latin letters for one uppercase Cyrillic, you can use
both all-uppercase, or only the first one capitalised, like "SZCZ" or "Szcz" for "Щ".
Set g:cursor_follows_alphabet to make cursor color change when alphabet is
Use the source when in doubt.
Have fun using this plug-in!
Comments are welcome.
install details
Put it into ~/.vim/plugin

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russian_plansliterated.vim 1.0 2008-10-12 7.2 Krzysiek Goj Initial upload
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