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ViBlip : ViBlip allows to use Blip! (polish microblogging service)

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Marcin Sztolcman
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Read and write to Blip! (polish microblogging service) with ViBlip!
Home@GitHub: https://github.com/msztolcman/viblip
After installing, run vim, and type:
:Blip some blip status
:Blip >recipient: some message

to create new status. If you want to read 20 last statuses from your dashboard, just type:
If you rather want to read your friend statuses:
:DBlip friend_name
You can specify how many statuses from dashboard want to download. From your dashboard:
:DBlip 5
From friend's dashboard:
DBlip friend_name/5

To read private messages:
:PBlip 10
Default PBlip read 5 last Private Messages, second line will download 10 messages.

To read single status:
:MBlip id
Where id is single status id. You can also specify what type of status want to read:
:MBlip id/st
:MBlip id/dm
:MBlip id/pm

First line read normal statuses, second - directed messages, and third - private messages.

Sometimes you may have some problems with network connection, and connection to Blip is lost - in this case you can now reconnect:
install details
Put blip.vim into ~/.vim/plugin and create ~/.vibliprc with content:

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
blip.vim 0.4 2009-05-10 7.0 Marcin Sztolcman - Rewrite some parts of code
- ability to use json module
- new command: RBlip - reconnecting
- new method: read - unified GET
- dashboard - can get specified quant of statuses, from yourself dashboard or from specified user
- message - can read statuses, directed or private messages
blip.vim 0.2 2008-12-20 7.0 Marcin Sztolcman Added methods for read private messages, and single status.
Some fixes too.
blip.vim 0.1 2008-12-20 7.0 Marcin Sztolcman Initial upload
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