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VimClojure : A filetype, syntax and indent plugin for Clojure

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created by
Meikel Brandmeyer
script type
This package contains a filetype, a syntax and an indent plugin
for the Clojure (http://clojure.org) programming language.

Since version 2.0, it also contains the interactive part formerly known as "Gorilla".
This includes:
* docstring lookup
* javadoc lookup
* repl in a vim buffer
* omni completion

install details
Extract the archive into your .vim (or vimfiles) directory. Enable syntax highlighting and filetype plugins in your .vimrc.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimclojure-2.3.6.zip 2.3.6 2012-08-24 7.3 Meikel Brandmeyer Fixed more problems with result window handling. This time hopefully a real fix. Reported by Perry Trolard.
vimclojure-2.3.5.zip 2.3.5 2012-08-15 7.3 Meikel Brandmeyer Bugfix release:

* Fixing serious regression in result window handling introduced in v2.3.4 (reported by Wolodja Wentland)
* Fix indentation issue with multibyte function names (patch by Sung Pae)
vimclojure-2.3.4.zip 2.3.4 2012-08-08 7.3 Meikel Brandmeyer Bugfix release:

* Fixed some typos in the documentation (thanks to Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant)
* Mark temporary vimclojure buffers with vimclojure filetype (patch by Krisa Jenkins)
* Reworked window handling of vimclojure temporary buffers
* Fixed indentation of functions with multibyte names (patch by Sung Pae)
vimclojure-2.3.3.zip v2.3.3 2012-06-11 7.2 Meikel Brandmeyer v2.3.2 introduced a serious regression concerning key mappings. This releases fixes this regression.

Additionally - as a consolation so to say - custom fuzzy indent pattern are introduced.
vimclojure-2.3.2.zip 2.3.2 2012-06-04 7.0 Meikel Brandmeyer Bugfix release with various fixes.

* Disambiguate <Plug> names (reported by Sung Pae)
* Fixed slow down of indentation for large files (reported by Brandon Bloom)
* Fixed clear() method for Repl
* Fixed repetition for block functions (patch by Sung Pae)
* Send only exact visual block for evaluation (reported by Perry Trolard)
* Made keymappings configurable (incl. whitelisting of keymappings)
* Delete old autocmds for adding new ones (reported by Sung Pae)
* Fixed indentation of extend in letfn heuristic
* Include forms starting in let in fuzzy indentation
* Fixed highlighting of keywords (reported by Gianni Chiapetta)
* Fixed (hopefully) carriage returns on Windows (reported by vitalyper)
* Fixed highlighting of new meta reader macro (reported by Gianni Chiapetta)
vimclojure-2.3.1.zip 2.3.1 2011-12-28 7.3 Meikel Brandmeyer Bugfix release with various fixes.

* Fixed regression in highlighting of numeric functions. (Reported by Ogino-san.)
* Restore various registers correctly after yanking. (Reported by Dave Ray.)
* Improved fuzzy indent heuristic and fixed special case for with-meta.
* Removed highlighting of the comment form. It's broken and unlikely to be ever fixed. (Reported by Dave Ray.)
* Fixed version range for the clojure dependency. [1.2,1.5)
* Removed usages of anonymous functions. This caused a small delay when using 'o' or 'O' commands. (Interestingly only then but with a normal carriage return…) This problem was a long lasting issue for several years. A big big thank you to Dave Ray for tracking this down!
* Loads the user.clj if found on the classpath of the server.
* Fixed problems with result buffers when issuing certain sequences of commands. (Reported by Dave Ray.)
* Made gradle plugin milestone 6 compatible.
vimclojure-2.3.0.zip 2.3.0 2011-10-05 7.3 Meikel Brandmeyer * The nailgun server and port may now be configured.
* Rainbow parens may be toggled on or off.
* The fuzzy indent option improves indentation based on the form name.
* The Repl now always enters a newline on <CR>. <C-CR> submits the expression. This can be easily flipped if desired.
vimclojure-2.2.0.zip 2.2.0 2010-10-04 7.3 Meikel Brandmeyer Finally a new release. Bringing VimClojure up to date with 1.2 and 1.3 alpha. Please consult the README in the zip file for further installation instructions.
vimclojure-2.1.2.zip 2.1.2 2009-07-26 7.0 Meikel Brandmeyer This release is compatible with Clojure 1.0 and
Clojure-Contrib 919 (in old SVN terms). Other
pre-GTIC contrib versions from Github should also
work. For Clojure(-Contrib) head consider using the
bleeding-edge branch from the repository.

The Ivy configuration will fetch an known-to-work
Clojure(-Contrib) version. For manual compilation,
you have to care for that yourself. A compiled jar
is already included in the distribution in the build

Changes since v2.1.1:

* Fixed a regression of qualified keywords highlighting
* Fixed a infinite loop if there is no prompt in the Repl buffer
* Made compilation of ng client a bit more comfortable
* Added library configuration for OpenSolaris (thanks to Richard Newman)
* Changed normal invokations to ignore keymappings (reported by James Reeves)
* Fixed typo in lispwords: defmethod -> defmulti
* Added letfn to lispwords
* Added c.c.def/defnk to lispwords
* Added #_ and #! as comment indicators to syntax highlighting
  (currently only the #_ is marked as comment, the following form
  is still highlighted normally.)
* Fixed annoying o/O delay bug
* Simplified plugin installation
vimclojure-2.1.1.zip 2.1.1 2009-06-06 7.0 Meikel Brandmeyer This is a bugfix release.

* fixed syntax highlighting of strings with escaped quotes
* added syntax highlighting of numbers in radixR format
* added missing clojure names to highlighting
* fixed keyword highlighting
* fixed find invocation in launcher
* fixed spurious -1 in EvalLine

vimclojure-2.1.0.zip 2.1.0 2009-04-15 7.0 Meikel Brandmeyer New features:
* improved completion
* goto source
* show source
* stacktrace short-cuts for the Repl
* more robust in case of not running server
* improved error messages
* dynamic syntax highlighting for use'd and alias'd namespaces
* pretty printing of macros expansions
* improved build system with optional Ivy dependency resolution
* simplification of plugin installation procedure

Fixed many bugs, in particular:
* resizing windows when executing nails
* EvalToplevel evaluated more than one expression
* Line and File number information is now correctly when sending expressions
vimclojure-2.0.0.tar.gz 2.0.0 2009-03-10 7.0 Meikel Brandmeyer Updated for latest Clojure SVN. Merged with Gorilla.
vimclojure-1.3.0.tar.gz 1.3.0 2009-01-01 7.2 Meikel Brandmeyer Initial upload
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