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0scan : Tags based search for any things you might want to find(ctags, buffers,...).

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Mykola Golubyev
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Scan the entities with one "Tags Based" common interface.

buffers to switch to;
files to open;
windows and tabs to switch to;
files like c++, python, vim, sco, html and more ( on request ) to jump to things like "constructors", "objects", "methods", etc;
your ctags database to browse source code;
definition and declaration of method;
vim's registers to paste text;
current file changes to move to;
vim marks to jump to;

and more ( on request )

Create your own scans to browse things related to your work flow.
To look at sample how to create your own scan just select any file at ~/.vim/autoload/railmoon/oscan/extractor/
for example:  ~/.vim/autoload/railmoon/oscan/extractor/buffers.vim

Detailed description:

Do not hesitate to email me problems or suggestions.
install details
unzip into ~/.vim

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
0scan.zip 0.5.2 2009-02-04 7.0 Mykola Golubyev Added Files scan to open files from the current file dir( http://www.railmoon.com/0scan/scan-files ).
Tags are always case insensitive now ( were depend on ignorecase option ). Windows scan had a little bug.  
-- thanks to Raimon Grau for feedback.

0scan.zip 0.5.1 2009-02-01 7.0 Mykola Golubyev Added "Changes" scan( http://www.railmoon.com/0scan/scan-changes ). Changed "Registers" scan to show no more then 5 lines from register.
0scan.zip 0.5 2009-01-25 7.0 Mykola Golubyev Added Registers Scan to find text through all your registers to paste.

Minor re-factoring.
0scan.zip 0.4.4 2009-01-11 7.0 Mykola Golubyev Fixed problem with autocomplpop.vim ( sometimes it stayed turned off after 0scan ). Added html ctags scan.
0scan.zip 0.4.3 2009-01-09 7.0 Mykola Golubyev Added python ctags scan support. Keys <C-n>, <C-j>, <C-p>, <C-k> can now be used to select appropriate result line ( Thanks Vincent Wang for feedback )
0scan.zip 0.4.2 2009-01-07 7.0 Mykola Golubyev :OScan<CR> now lists all available scans. :OScan <Tab> now complete with available scans. Thanks Vasilii Pascal for feedback.
0scan.zip 0.4.1 2009-01-04 7.0 Mykola Golubyev clean up zip archive from swap files.
0scan.zip 0.4 2009-01-04 7.0 Mykola Golubyev Initial upload
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