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Lucius : Light and dark color scheme for GUI and 256 color terminal.

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Jonathan Filip
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color scheme
There are several options available to customize the color scheme to your own tastes. This is particularly useful when you have to work in different environments at different times (home, work, day, night, etc).

The GUI and 256 color terminal versions of this color scheme are identical.

You can set up the color scheme by manually setting the options you want or by choosing one of the presets defined. These presets are loaded after you first source the color scheme file and are all commands that start with 'Lucius'.

I have also started to create color schemes for different applications. I have been using them for PuTTY, iTerm2, and Visual Studio, but will keep adding more as I go along. You can find the files for these on Github:


You can also clone the following repository if you use Pathogen or something similar. It holds the vim color scheme in a 'colors' directory:



There are several presets available that will set all the options for you. There are screenshots of each preset below:

* LuciusDark (dark default): http://i.imgur.com/LsZbF.png
* LuciusDarkHighContrast: http://i.imgur.com/e70i9.png
* LuciusDarkLowContrast: http://i.imgur.com/Hmw8s.png
* LuciusBlack: http://i.imgur.com/iD4ri.png
* LuciusBlackHighContrast: http://i.imgur.com/lHvTJ.png
* LuciusBlackLowContrast: http://i.imgur.com/oZLkg.png

* LuciusLight (light default): http://i.imgur.com/soYD8.png
* LuciusLightLowContrast: http://i.imgur.com/95I86.png
* LuciusWhite: http://i.imgur.com/wDzkz.png
* LuciusWhiteLowContrast: http://i.imgur.com/jlUf4.png

To use the presets, you just need to set the color scheme first. In your vimrc, you can just do this:

colorscheme lucius

You can still just set the background variable and then set the color scheme. This will default to LuciusDark for 'dark' and LuciusLight for 'light'.


The presets available cover most of the options. You can, however, customize things by setting the following variables yourself:

g:lucius_style  (default: 'dark')

Set this option to either 'light' or 'dark' for your desired color scheme. It has the same effect as setting the background.

g:lucius_contrast  (default: 'normal')

This option determines the contrast to use for text/ui elements. It can be set to 'low', 'normal', or 'high'. At this time there is no 'high' for the light scheme.

g:lucius_contrast_bg  (default: 'normal')

Setting this option makes the background a higher contrast. Current settings are 'normal' and 'high'.

g:lucius_use_bold (default: 1)

Setting this will cause the color scheme to use bold fonts for some items.

g:lucius_use_underline (default: 1)

Setting this will cause the color scheme to use underlined fonts for some items.
install details
Copy the file to your vim colors directory and then type :colorscheme lucius. You can also any of the presets defined above.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
lucius.vim 8.1.7 2015-03-09 7.0 Jonathan Filip Changed the MatchParen on the dark version to help out with an issue where certain terminals would make the text invisible.
lucius.vim 8.1.4 2013-06-13 7.0 Jonathan Filip Added 'lucius_no_term_bg' option:
Setting this will cause the color scheme to not set a background color in the terminal (useful for transparency or terminals with different background colors).
lucius.vim 8.1.3 2013-06-06 7.0 Jonathan Filip Changed ColorColumn to be more subtle (only slightly different from the background).
lucius.vim 8.1.2 2012-09-05 7.0 Jonathan Filip Fixed some issues that arise from setting Normal at different times in the file. This basically always caused the "background" option to be set to "light".
lucius.vim 8.1.1 2012-08-24 7.0 Jonathan Filip Fixed a bug pointed out by github user lyokha where I wasn't properly scoping the 'item' variable used in for loops. This caused an issue where their own 'item' variable was defined elsewhere.
lucius.vim 8.1.0 2012-08-24 7.0 Jonathan Filip After some initial feedback, I reworked the script some more to try to make the options easier to understand:

* Changed 'high_contrast' and 'high_contrast_bg' settings to just 'contrast' and 'contrast_bg'. These settings now have values of 'high', 'low', or 'normal' (instead of the integer values).
* Simplified documentation
* Changed preset names so they are more descriptive and easier to understand
lucius.vim 8.0.1 2012-08-23 7.0 Jonathan Filip * Fixed a bug where the color scheme wouldn't load if you hadn't set g:lucius_style.
* Added some more high contrast highlights for dark schemes (presets LuciusDark2 and LuciusBlack2).
lucius.vim 8.0.0 2012-08-23 7.0 Jonathan Filip Rewrote the color scheme to allow for more customization. There are now options for contrast, background contrast, bold, underline, etc. The presets that exist now are Light, LightBright, White, WhiteBright, Dark, DarkDim, Black, and BlackDim. Light and Dark exist from previous versions, whereas White and Black are new. The Bright variants for light are lower contrast options for the light background. Also put color files for iTerm2 and PuTTY on Github.
lucius.vim 7.1.1 2012-04-10 7.0 Jonathan Filip * Toned down the Error and Todo colors for the light scheme.
* Made the Normal foreground one step lighter for the light scheme.
* Added definitions for CursorLineNr (thanks to Michael W.).
lucius.vim 7.1.0 2012-03-27 7.0 Jonathan Filip Added a "DarkDim" variant that is similar to the regular dark scheme, but has a bit less contrast. Changed the cterm spelling highlights to use underline.
lucius.vim 7.0.0 2012-02-28 7.0 Jonathan Filip Version 7 has unified the 256 color terminal and GUI versions (the GUI version only uses colors available on the 256 color terminal). The overall colors were also toned down a little bit (light version is now a light gray instead of white and the dark version is slightly lighter) to make it easier on the eyes.
lucius.vim 6.1.0 2011-10-03 7.0 Jonathan Filip Switched around some of the main highlight colors. Instead of using a green for constants, I switched it to be the yellow/orange. This makes constants more distinguishable from other highlights (identifier, statement, preproc, and type are now all some sort of blue or green). Also tweaked a few other settings. The "blue" style is kind of back, but is actually just the dark style with a more blue background.
lucius.vim 6.03 2011-08-17 7.0 Jonathan Filip Added some more contrast to the dark version's syntax highlighting and diff rows. Tweaked the light colors slightly and changed the Title color.
lucius.vim 6.02 2011-08-04 7.0 Jonathan Filip Changed the difftext on the light version to stand out more. Also removed a typo ":" in the file.
lucius.vim 6.01 2011-08-01 7.0 Jonathan Filip Changed the diff colors so syntax highlighting is disabled on diff lines and the colors were tweaked.
lucius.vim 6.0 2011-08-01 7.0 Jonathan Filip See script description. The theme has been revamped a bit to unify colors and provide better contrast between text and interface elements.
lucius.vim 5Final 2011-08-01 7.0 Jonathan Filip Final version of the old styles.
lucius.vim 5.2 2011-03-11 7.0 Jonathan Filip Tried to port the blue scheme to 256 colors, however it mostly stayed similar to the dark one with some adjustments for the text highlighting (not enough choices in 256 colors to match the blues that are used). Changed a few more colors on the light scheme as well.
lucius.vim 5.1 2011-03-04 7.0 Jonathan Filip Finished making changes to the light version. Also added a blue variant of the normal, dark scheme. Removed the non-primary highlight groups (Label, Operator, etc) to make the file a little smaller. Also added commands to change between the different schemes (LuciusLight, LuciusDark, LuciusBlue).
lucius.vim 5.03 2011-02-23 7.0 Jonathan Filip A few more tweaks to colors for the light version. Also changed the MatchParen to use a background color.
lucius.vim 5.02 2011-02-16 7.0 Jonathan Filip Tweaked the colors some more and refreshed the 256 term colors to match the new settings (for the light version only)
lucius.vim 5.01 2011-02-14 7.0 Jonathan Filip Some changes to colors in the light version
lucius.vim 5.0 2011-02-07 7.0 Jonathan Filip Added a light colorscheme option. This still defaults to the dark version, but you can set g:lucius_style to "light" for a light background scheme. More tweaks will come as I continue to use it.
lucius.vim 4.0 2010-12-16 7.0 Jonathan Filip This version is tweaked a bit. I muted the colors a little and also eliminated some of the lower spectrum highlighting in favor of more blues and greens. This seems to be easier to look at, in my opinion. I also added some custom highlights for the vimwiki script (vimscript #2226).
lucius.vim 3.6.1 2010-08-16 7.0 Jonathan Filip Added ColorColumn for Vim 7.3
lucius.vim 3.6 2010-06-02 7.0 Jonathan Filip - Changed the cursor line/column to be a little more visible
- Updated the fold line
lucius.vim 3.5 2010-04-19 7.0 Jonathan Filip Updated some of the cterm colors after applying colorsupport.vim to the scheme.
lucius.vim 3.2 2010-01-21 7.0 Jonathan Filip A few minor updates (SpecialKey, Identifier, PreProc)
lucius.vim 3.1 2009-10-21 7.0 Jonathan Filip Got rid of bold for CursorLine and Pmenu stuff
lucius.vim 3.0 2009-09-28 7.0 Jonathan Filip This version has a lot of small changes. The colors are toned down some more and new colors exist for diffs, status line, popup menu, wild menu, cursor line and column, error, line numbers, splits, folds, etc. Many of the new colors are similar to what they were before, but work a little better with the scheme now.
lucius.vim 2.6 2009-07-14 7.0 Jonathan Filip Toned down the saturation of some of the colors; other minor things
lucius.vim 2.5 2009-04-01 7.0 Jonathan Filip Minor tweak to VertSplit
lucius.vim 2.4 2009-03-23 7.0 Jonathan Filip Modified CursorColumn, CursorLine, and CursorIM
lucius.vim 2.3 2009-03-13 7.0 Jonathan Filip Changed the search highlight to something more visible.
lucius.vim 2.2 2009-03-09 7.0 Jonathan Filip Made the normal GUI text slightly brighter
lucius.vim 2.1 2009-02-25 7.0 Jonathan Filip - Fixed the normal fg and bg for cterm
- Removed yellow tint from normal text
- Fixed status line in cterm
lucius.vim 2.0 2009-02-24 7.0 Jonathan Filip Added 256 color terminal support.
lucius.vim 1.0 2009-02-04 7.0 Jonathan Filip Initial upload
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