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vimstall : vimstall is a shell script to install vim plugins from vim.org automatically

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created by
Konstantin Stepanov
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Vimstall is a script to install vim plugins automatically.

vimstall.sh <filename>|<dirname>

If you run the script on filename it is treated as vim plugin, if run on directory
it will try to install all files from this directory like they all are vim plugins.

Vimstall supports vimballs (vim is run to install them), simple vim files
(they are treated as sinlge plugin and are copied into ~/.vim/plugin/ directory
and packed files (zips & tarballs) in which case archive must contain either
vim/vimball file or packed installation of a plugin (i.e. directories to put into
~/.vim like `doc', `plugin', `autoload' etc.)

If during installation process the script runs into some unknown file, it will
report this file's name into stderr.

This script can be used with `downloadvimscripts' script to update & install
vim plugins automatically.

Please note: this script is *beta* and not well tested in all configurations.
I tried to handle most package types met on vim.org, so it should work fine
most of time (and it works for me :), but it is strongly advised to backup
your ~/.vim directory before you run this script.

Best used with downloadvimscripts (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2444).
install details
Put this script in any directory you like (I keep it in ~/.vim/scripts/)
and make it executable (chmod a+x vimstall.sh) and you are ready!

You may wish to make backup copy of your ~/.vim before first usage
(see notes above). To use it on a bunch of just downloaded vim plugins
you can do following (I consider you put downloaded scripts into
~/.vim/update/ and keep vimstall.sh in ~/.vim/scripts/, if not, adjust
commands according your case):

$ cd ~/.vim/update/
$ ../scripts/vimstall.sh .

Wait a little and check if all plugins are installed/updated.
If vimstall.sh meet some files he don't know how to handle, it will (or at
least should) cry about it into stderr.

If anything went wrong, email me at kstep<at>p-nut<dot>info,
with detailed bug description and a way to reproduce it.
I'll be happy to fix it.

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vimstall.sh 1.0beta 2009-04-19 6.0 Konstantin Stepanov Initial upload
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