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ctk.vim : a fast compile and run plugin for Vim

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Wxyarv Wang
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ctk is a fast compile and run plugin for Vim.

-- you can add a modeline in your source code to modifie the behavior of ctk.
-- you can press a hotkey to invoke compiler.
-- you can press a key to compiler and run your program.
-- you can add some trigger word to change your compiler's behavior. just like :CC debug

install it, and press :h ctk to see details help
install details
1. use Vim to open ctk.vba, and press :so%<CR> (that <CR> means return key).
2. drop .compiler_info to your runtimepath folder, see the output of ":ec &rtp". try :h 'rtp' to get help.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
ctk.vba 0.6 2011-03-20 7.2 Wxyarv Wang fix bugs
ctk.vba 0.5 2010-01-28 7.0 Wxyarv Wang   - support upcase letter placeholder
  - remain placeholder will substitute environment variables. add a option ctk_envvarfmt to detect the variable formant.
  - add RefreshCTK command, and auto refresh all buffer after EditCompilerInfo command.
ctk.vba 0.4-bugfix 2009-10-21 7.0 Wxyarv Wang NOTE: if you have you own .compiler_info file, please backup it and install new version, and you can diff two info file and decide how to merge them.

  - add python support in .compiler_info file
  - add a new "#RUN_DIRECT" syntax for support script file. see .compiler_info "Python" section and :h ctk-run-direct.
  - fix the encoding conversion error in previous version
ctk.vba 0.4-bugfix 2009-08-04 7.0 Wxyarv Wang   - add option g:ctk_cmdenc
  - add discribes of using :silent/:redir command in cmd or run in doc
  - fix the bug when compile multi-times, the += operator in modeline acts incorrect.
ctk.vba 0.4 2009-07-22 7.0 Wxyarv Wang   - fix the bug StopCTK doesn't stop ctk.
  - change the usage of some command, see :h ctk-usage for details.
  - add command ":SetExtensionName" command.
  - modfiy the document.
ctk.vba 0.3-bugfix 2009-07-11 7.0 Wxyarv Wang -- fix the bug 'gc' and 'gC' use previous entry (it's quite sick!)
-- fix the bug when the program name is same as Unix standard program (e.g. test), the Unix program will be run instead of ours.
ctk.vba 0.3-bugfix 2009-07-10 7.0 Wxyarv Wang -- fixed the syntax error in doc file :-) thanks to yiran.
-- fixed the issue that ctk raise error when :RUN asm.
-- add quoted place-holder's doc describe.
ctk.vba 0.3-bugfix 2009-07-10 7.0 Wxyarv Wang -- fix the bug when you press "gc" and there isn't any window has b:compiler_info, ctk will raise a error.
-- remove the process of autocmd FuncUndefined
-- remove s:find_source() function, and just find b:compiler_info when needed.
ctk.vba 0.3-bugfix 2009-07-05 7.0 Wxyarv Wang   - thanks to lee, change a syntax error :-)
  - correct all wrong marks in script.
  - in linux console, the RUN can't stop after program runs, so didn't redraw in linux console.
ctk.vba 0.3-bugfix 2009-06-26 7.0 Wxyarv Wang just bugfix. and fix some issues in Windows.
ctk.vba 0.3 2009-05-10 7.0 Wxyarv Wang -- add a quoted tag support
-- changed document
-- make info line's syntax be the same as the modeline's
-- remove the '*' command-type. you can use :call foobar() to replace it.
ctk.vba 0.2-bugfix 2009-05-08 7.0 Wxyarv Wang bugfix: autonamed file didn't use default output name.
ctk.vba 0.2-bugfix 2009-04-29 7.0 Wxyarv Wang -- fix the bug that quickfix window won't close when compiling success.
ctk.vba 0.2-bugfix 2009-04-28 7.0 Wxyarv Wang -- change the way to calculate the index of temporary file.
-- change the way to rename file. the file has its name won't rename now (it's my mistake...)
ctk.vba 0.2-bugfix 2009-04-26 7.0 Wxyarv Wang sorry for forgot to turn-off the debug message...
ctk.vba 0.2-bugfix 2009-04-26 7.0 Wxyarv Wang add some stuff in doc, and changed the behavior of :CC

if your compile command is ":foobar" (that is, a Vim command instead of a shell command), the output will disappear at command line. see :h :RUN
ctk.vba 0.2 2009-04-25 7.0 Wxyarv Wang Initial upload
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