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bandit.vim : Colour Scheme

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created by
Al Budden
script type
color scheme
This is the colour scheme that I use for all editing tasks.  It is primarily designed for use with a dark background (as I find this easier on the eyes), but I'm gradually adding more support for light backgrounds as well.  It makes full use of the available colour palette, so looks better in gvim than in console vim (although I still like the console version).

More details (and screenshots) at https://sites.google.com/site/abudden/contents/Vim-Scripts/bandit-colour-scheme

Unusual Features

The colour scheme has a few slightly unusual features as Vim colour schemes go:

Support for a lot more highlighting groups than most colour schemes (including the result of the ctags-based highlighter: vimscript#2646, and Dr Chip's rainbow.vim).

Requires Vim 7 or above (I got irritated by the syntax for colour schemes, so I made my own) If you install the associated syntax file, it is self colouring, so you can see the colour scheme clearly when viewing the source file (the 'ColourAssignment' text is highlighted appropriately: see the screenshots on the website).

Semi-automatic generation of light background colour choices (see website)
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package script version date Vim version user release notes
colourscheme_bandit.vba r425 2010-12-03 7.0 Al Budden Added support for latest CTagsHighlighter and Java bracket highlighting
colourscheme_bandit.vba r391 2010-03-03 7.0 Al Budden Better support for latest ctags highlighter.
colourscheme_bandit.vba r384 2010-02-19 7.0 Al Budden Added support for latest ctags highlighter (which uses EnumerationValue instead of Enumerator).
colourscheme_bandit.vba r341 2009-11-02 7.0 Al Budden Added some protection against creating erroneous highlight groups.
colourscheme_bandit.vba r290 2009-07-29 7.0 Al Budden Added more colour groups and automatic reloading of colour scheme when changes are written.
colourscheme_bandit.vba r274 2009-07-09 7.0 Al Budden Added colouring of sign column and splits.
colourscheme_bandit.vba r264 2009-06-15 7.0 Al Budden Added custom colouring of more groups, including the status line and the line numbering area.
colourscheme_bandit.vba r233 2009-05-21 7.0 Al Budden Initial upload
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