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Auto Changing color script : Syntax highlight colors change gradually based on minutes of hour

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created by
Paul Contreras
script type
color scheme
Why not try my customising Vim help page:

WARNING: script allocates highlight groups over and over if you find colors go black just restart.  You won't lose anything. Normally only happens if you leave script running for hours.

Aim is to make colour schemes liven up by looping colors gently around the hour.  

Permanent (fixed) scheme takes over when you edit.  By default it's "darkblue".  You can have your own:
  let permanentColorScheme = "{YOURFAVCOLORSCHEME}"
- in your _vimrc makes edit color scheme (before save) {YOURFAVCOLORSCHEME}

By default friendly reminders gently remind you about not saving, and not moving for a certain time.
By default it's 8 minutes.
You can change it easily:
  let n_friendlyReminderTimeout = 30
- in your _vimrc makes it after 30 minutes
install details
Open changingColor.vmb / vba in VIM, do a :so % on the command line.  Restart VIM completely.  Chaging color starts working ~ ten seconds.  Installs 4 files, changingColor.vim, changingColorHelp.txt, changingColorTags, and timer.vim.

TO REMOVE: easy, just do a :RmVimball changingColor and restart.  No need to put .vmb / vba at the end.  Once you restart it's gone completely.

Cutomise with
   let permanentColorScheme = "{YOURFAVCOLORSCHEME}"
   n_friendlyReminderTimeout = {MYTIMEOUTVALUE]
in your _vimrc if you wish

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
changingColor.vmb 23.21 2017-08-17 7.0 Paul Contreras fixed a little bug preventing friendly reminders from showing if you took long to save your file beyond the specified n_friendlyReminderTimeout.  Just a mistaken variable name.  Fixed :D
changingColor.vmb 23.2 2017-08-17 7.0 Paul Contreras Made the man wave after you have left Vim unantended for more then 8 mins when you press something.  Added new wave so if you spend more than 8 minutes without write little man gives a little wave.
changingColor.vmb 23.1 2017-08-07 7.0 Paul Contreras Made waving man really friendly but not too annoying I hope :/
changingColor.vmb 23.0 2017-08-06 7.0 Paul Contreras Made the greeting message more friendly by doing hands in the air motions etc.. no really it's just a little hand wave animation but I think it adds a little color
changingColor.vmb 22.5 2017-07-13 7.0 Paul Contreras Made initial greeting message clear. it now appears in color and remains visible longer plus made a re-welcome if you leave the text file you were editing > 30 min which then cues right into the changing color
changingColor.vmb 22.4 2017-07-10 7.0 Paul Contreras Added a little greeting message the first time Changing Color script runs which also informs you of the current date and time.
changingColor.vmb 22.3 2017-06-22 7.0 Paul Contreras Took off some not necessary highlights to conserve as much resources as possible.  Added this missing SpecialChar which is the format specifier in C scanf family functions.
changingColor.vmb 22.2 2017-06-09 7.0 Paul Contreras Included Number, seems this is in MacVim not in Win Vim which was weird because the number constants remained the same.  Also tweaks to Normal to remain more stable  Fixed an attempted fix in 22.0 of Operator which forgot to add at the end :$ but through testing found it.  Operator, SpecialKey and with temp variables.  Now everything is just added to one big variable and done in one go.  It's also a lot more clearer to read.
changingColor.vmb 22.1 2017-06-08 7.0 Paul Contreras made the timing mechanism more smooth.  Now the highlights are only ever touched when there's really going to be a change to them.  actually there was just an exit clause 'if it wasn't time' yet but now that's gone instead you just get a smooth call to the function only when it's time to do something.
changingColor.vmb 22.0 2017-06-08 7.0 Paul Contreras Operator highlight group did not have a definition
sorted this out temporarily so that it works
nice enough,>:P but I know this sucks
later gonna add a proper nice green color for it.
changingColor.vba 21.1 2016-01-25 7.0 Paul Contreras The Normal forground was adjusted.  All I did was moved the adjustment for lighter background down a bit so as to be less agressive because it wasn't making it much clearer!
changingColor.vba 21.0 2016-01-15 7.0 Paul Contreras There's two things here.  First of all I removed a rather ugly feature.  But more importantly is the TAGS i've used to do this.  Basically, in the code where the main change happened I've added a TAG and this steps you through hand-holding style through the changes I've made in the script.  It's how VIM is fundamentally made.  That's it's power. That and combined with it's incredible :help system make it the best editor in the business, and maybe one of the greatest of ALL TIME ever created! I like it because it takes someone rather like me, not that clever, and gives them power tools for logic (TAGS) ability to bundle language help (:help) as well as a nice code editor and sit back and enjoy. I need a few hits on this so you could help and you might learn something.  please check out: http://www.ezrider.co.uk/VimTagsHelp -A.N.Other Spanish guy trying to rule the WORLD argh.. (it even might be good if there weren't 1000's of us all plotting and scheming the same thing arghh.... should have just stuck to writing Quill adventures!)
changingColor.vba 20.7 2015-02-25 7.0 Paul Contreras Slight improvements to Constant esp. at high light settings.
changingColor.vba 20.6 2015-02-24 7.0 Paul Contreras Further gave tweaks to Comment because there were effects that were making it worse.  Cleaned it up.
changingColor.vba 20.5 2015-02-24 7.0 Paul Contreras Gave Comment a tweak at high brightness backgrounds because it looked to much like Normal in this.
changingColor.vba 20.4 2015-02-24 7.0 Paul Contreras Gave Constant and Identifier a bit of a tweak at high brightness background.  The green of Identifier also looks nice and flouro at low light backgrounds.  You  can actually see the green still at light backgrounds.
changingColor.vba 20.3 2015-02-11 7.0 Paul Contreras I forgot the vital tags files, only really useful if you wanna see help on it.  This does not affect the scripts at all.  If you've previously installed it just make sure you run :RmVimball changingColor and just re-install it by loading changingColor.vba and doing :so %.  That will get rid of any rubbish.
changingColor.vba 20.2 2015-02-10 7.0 Paul Contreras Had a third look and decided about 33% should do it.  That is about 33% of the shades are no good.  That's roughly 1/3 so sounds about right.  They are just too "in the grey area" to be clear highlight.  They needed to be removed.
changingColor.vba 20.1 2015-02-03 7.0 Paul Contreras Had a look at it and decided ~25% was still too low and there were still some murky shades too difficult to see.  I didn't want to cut too much of the continuity but I think 30% is a necessary step towards improvement
changingColor.vba 20.0 2015-02-03 7.0 Paul Contreras After careful consideration have decided that some of the shades in my script are too difficult to see.  I was trying to have one smooth continuum between light and dark but the exact middle point is always making me strain to read no matter what I do, and this looks poor compared to other color schemes so I decided to create a ramped "jump over" the exact mid-point. You will still see constant changes but when it gets to a certain mid point it will jump about 20% of the murky shades to the next point after that.
changingColor.vba 19.3 2014-12-03 7.0 Paul Contreras Tweaked visibility of Normal, edge case.  It appears that due to a calibration issue I was having with my monitor I'd got this wrong previously.  I had thought that it was massively out but it was a "Power Saving feature of my EeePC that made it look hard to read. Not generally applicable in most cases.  Fixed to be similar to what it was in 19.0.
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