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Colorzone : Colorscheme Use More Soft Colors

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created by
Ricky Wu
script type
color scheme
Colorzone use more soft colors for read comfortably but isn't dazzling .

Based on "tango-morning" and "wargreycolorscheme" color scheme.

Maybe has display problem in other file types, can works with both GUI and console.
You can chose another color for pop up menu.

I want change the colors to suitable for Tango Icon Theme Guidelines in the future.

Screen Shots:

If your terminal can use RGB colors, use this escape sequence colors:
gray     red      green    yellow   blue     magenta  cyan     white
The Terminal colors and GUI colors are different.
install details
Drop the file into vim/colors/ or vimfiles/colors/.

Here also has some highlighting effect for status line, release comments in color scheme and add these into vimrc:

set statusline=
"set statusline+=%#StatuslineBufNr#%-1.2n\                        " buffer number
set statusline+=%h%#StatuslineFlag#%m%r%w                         " flags
set statusline+=%#StatuslinePath#\ %-0.20{StatusLineGetPath()}%0* " path
set statusline+=%#StatuslineFileName#\/%t\                        " file name
set statusline+=%#StatuslineFileType#\ %{strlen(&ft)?&ft:'**'}    " filetype
set statusline+=%#StatuslineFileType#\ %{&fileformat}             " file format
set statusline+=%#StatuslineFileEnc#\ %{&encoding}                " encoding
set statusline+=%#StatuslineFileEnc#\ X:%-2B\ %0*                 " current char
set statusline+=%#StatuslinePosition#\L:%l\ C:%c\                 "line
set statusline+=%#StatuslinePercent#\ TL:%L\ %P\                  "position percentage
set statusline+=%#StatuslineCapsBuddy#%{exists('*CapsLockSTATUSLINE')?CapsLockSTATUSLINE():''} "Caps
set statusline+=%#StatuslineCapsBuddy#\ %{VimBuddy()}             "Buddy
set statusline+=%#StatuslineTime#%{strftime(\"%m-%d\ %H:%M\")}    " current time

function! StatusLineGetPath() "{{{
  let g:Statusline_Max_Path = 20
  let p = expand('%:.:h') "relative to current path, and head path only
  let p = substitute(p,'','/','g')
  let p = substitute(p, '^\V' . $HOME, '~', '')
  if len(p) > g:Statusline_Max_Path
    let p = simplify(p)
    let p = pathshorten(p)
  return p
endfunction "}}}

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
colorzone.vim 1.2 2012-05-16 7.0 Ricky Wu optimize for go language version 1
colorzone.vim 1.1 2012-05-15 7.0 Ricky Wu minor changes
colorzone.vim 1.0 2010-06-10 7.0 Ricky Wu Optimize cterm colors and changes for GUI, fix some confusion for MatchParen etc.
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