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Tag Signature Balloons : Tag Signatures in Balloon Tooltips

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created by
Al Budden
script type
This is a very simple script that displays the 'signature' of a tag when you hover the mouse over that tag.  Only works if Vim has('balloon_eval') and if there is an available tag file.

Screenshots and the development repository are available on bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/abudden/tagsignature
install details
Copy the file into your plugin directory.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
tag_signature.vim r736 2013-04-24 7.0 Al Budden Patch provided by Matthia Brändli for tag signature balloon script - adds multi-line support.
tag_signature.vim r714 2012-08-15 7.0 Al Budden Minor tweak to version check.
tag_signature.vim r645 2012-04-10 7.0 Al Budden Previous upload didn't work for some reason.  Re-uploading r645.
tag_signature.vim r645 2012-04-07 7.0 Al Budden Check Vim version is > 7 before loading.
tag_signature.vim r319 2009-09-04 7.0 Al Budden Better handling of Java.
tag_signature.vim r314 2009-08-26 7.0 Al Budden Fixed bug: was searching for tags even when they weren't valid keywords.
tag_signature.vim r293 2009-08-03 7.0 Al Budden Added support for multi-line balloons (where tag signature doesn't contain enough information).
tag_signature.vim r284 2009-07-21 7.0 Al Budden Added support for numbered lines in tag file.
tag_signature.vim r283 2009-07-20 7.0 Al Budden Fixed search so that it doesn't find words including the tag.
tag_signature.vim r277 2009-07-16 7.0 Al Budden Initial upload
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