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math : Math keymap and a menu for inserting math symbols

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created by
Charles Campbell
script type
This plugin has three parts, a keymap, a menu for inserting math symbols, and a few maps.  The characters produced are in utf-8.

The Keymap:

  :set kmp=math

  Uses vim's keymap support to define key sequences which elicit Greek
  upper case and lower case symbols, superscripts, subscripts, "vulgar"
  fractions, arrows, grouping symbols, operators, relational symbols,
  set symbols, and of course the ever popular miscellaneous.

The Menu:
  To enable the menu, use the mouse to select  [DrChip.MathKeys.Enable].
  This menu operates in the insert/replace/ex mode; when in insert/replace/ex,
  use the mouse to select a symbol from the various menus and it will be

The Maps:
  While in visual block mode, and if :MathStart has been run:
  _  will make various symbols into subscript symbols (numbers, vowels)
  ^ will make various symbols into superscript symbols
  & will transform symbols into related math symbols (- into a division line, roman alphabet into Greek, etc)

(alpha/beta version available at http://www.drchip.org/astronaut/vim/index.html#MATH)
install details
vim math.vba.gz
:so %

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
math.vba.gz 3 2010-03-04 7.0 Charles Campbell more symbols and new visual-mode maps (& ^ _ ) to facilitate math symbol production!  Example:   x2 , put cursor on the 2, press v^  and you've got x  (for those whose browsers don't grok utf-8, that 2 is a superscript)
math.vba.gz 2 2009-11-06 7.0 Charles Campbell More symbols and ex-mode support
math.vba.gz 1 2009-07-29 7.0 Charles Campbell Initial upload with GetLatestVimScripts support
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