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Melt Vim : Plugin for Melt files

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created by
Vincent Aravantinos
script type
Plugin for Melt (http://melt.forge.ocamlcore.org/) files:
- syntax colouring (with handling of spelling)
- filetype detection
- filetype plugin
- compiler plugin

* automatic detection of .mlt files
* syntax coloration
* compiler error handling (i.e. go to the location of the error indicated by Melt - warning: approximative)
* handling of spelling, english is the default, see :h spell for more details
* and the following commands:

+ normal mode:
- gf on a module name will open the corresponding file

+ visual mode (xxx denotes the selected text, xxx -> ... means "xxx is rewritten as ..."):
- <LocalLeader>": xxx -> "xxx" (i.e. inserts quotes around xxx)
- <LocalLeader>(: xxx -> (xxx)
- <LocalLeader>{: xxx -> {xxx}
- <LocalLeader>[: xxx -> [xxx]
- <LocalLeader>cc: xxx -> (*xxx*)
- <LocalLeader>e: xxx -> {emph "xxx"}
- <LocalLeader><LocalLeader>: ask for a string s (typically a caml function), then xxx -> {s "xxx"}
Note: <LocalLeader> is generally bound to ','

+ if the matchit plugin (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=39) is installed then '%' will switch between struct/end, let/in, match/with, ...

+ if the Nerd commenter plugin (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1218) is installed then its usual commands handle melt comments

+ if you set the variable g:MeltCloseDelimiters then:
- typing " will write "" and put the cursor between the quotes
- typing ( will write () and put the cursor between the parentheses
- typing { will write {} and put the cursor between the braces
- typing [ will write [] and put the cursor between the brackets

+ main rule to detect the compiler for :make (see compiler/melt.vim for details):
1. if there is a Makefile then :make launches make
2. if there is a myocamlbuild.ml then :make launches ocamlbuild
3. otherwise launch melt
install details
1. untar the archive meltvim.tar.gz
2. cp -r meltvim-xxx/* $HOME/.vim/

The archive contains ftdetect/melt.vim, ftplugin/melt.vim, compiler/melt.vim and syntax/melt.vim.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
meltvim-0.2.tar.gz 0.2 2010-04-15 6.0 Vincent Aravantinos - added handling of *spelling*
- added the filetype plugin with various commands
- better syntax coloration
- now goes to the location of an error
meltsyntax-0.1.tar.gz 0.1 2009-09-14 6.0 Vincent Aravantinos Initial upload
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