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Projmgr : A fancy way of using 'session'

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created by
Wenzhi Liang
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This plugin provides a more easy to use interface for the Vim session

I wrote it first only for my own needs. I have a bunch of small
projects lying around on my hard disk. I would like to load a whole
project, play around with it, switch to another if I like, or simply
unload it.

This plugin provide a menu system for 'Load', 'Unload' 'Switch to' a
project(session). None-menu-driven version is not available at the

This version is for Linux only. I am still struggling to get a Win32 version done.

A screenshot (333879 in size) at:

install details
1. Automatic:
   Simply use the install.sh script and following the instruction.
   bash, Perl.
2. Manual:
   You don't need to do this ideally. But if for whatever reason the
   install shell script is not working for you, try to following these
   a) Copy the projmgr.vim into your plugin directory or
   b) Copy the Perl script to somewhere. E.g plugin/perl.
   c) Copy this documentation into the corresponding doc directory.
   d) Make a directory: $HOME/.vim/projects. This where the vim session
      files will be stored.
   e) Modify the script and change the s:projmgr_dir to the plugin
      directory where you installed projmgr.vim.
   f) Copy all (if you have any) your session files into the directory
      mentioned in d).

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
projmgr-0.2.tar.gz 0.2 2002-04-29 6.0 Wenzhi Liang A few bug fix. Cleaned some output to achieve a much neater feeling. Improved a install shell script to make manual installation unnecessary.
projmgr.tar.gz 0.1 2002-04-24 6.0 Wenzhi Liang Initial upload
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