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mimicpak : Converted colorschemes from other Editors/IDEs, plus originals.

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created by
Jaime Wottrich
script type
color scheme
The MimicPak is a set of 17 colorschemes which were converted (ripped-off)
from other editors and IDEs and that use and share some common
tweaking options, like the font style among others.  Some original,
personal, invented and cloned colorschemes are included too.

The IDEs/Editors may have had more colorschemes, but only some
(which I think that were great) are included.  Most of the colorschemes
are only for gVim, this is so, because of time reasons and available
number of colors.  However, you can use the CSApprox plugin
( vimscript#2390 ) to use them on 88/256 color terms.  Although some of them
have the cterm colors for 16 color terminals.

For a fast way to try out these schemes, the included mimicpak.vim
plugin script creates a submenu "MimicPak" under the "Themes" menu on the main

After correctly installing this pack, you can see the help with:
   :h mimicpak
       >> to get general help
   :h mimic-overview
       >> quick overview of colorschemes by background colors.
   :h mimic-options
       >> to see the shared options.
   :h name_of_scheme.vim  
       >> to see specific options (if any) of a  particular colorscheme.

All the included colorschemes use and share the following common option
variables (these can either be set as: buffer, window, tabpage or global) :

   * mimic_font_style:  controls the style of the fonts.

        let  mimic_font_style = 0    " schemes will use plain fonts
        let  mimic_font_style = 1    " schemes will use bold fonts
        let  mimic_font_style = 2    " schemes will use italic fonts
        let  mimic_font_style = 3    " schemes will use bold and italic fonts

   * mimic_colorize_gui:  if set, GUI elements (menu, toolbar,
        scrollbar) will be colorized (works only for some GUIs).

That said, you only need to set these options once and you'll get the
same look when changing to another of these schemes.

For further help about these, try:
   :h mimic_font_style
   :h mimic_colorize_gui

Here are some: http://img97.imageshack.us/g/scameemacsplain.png/

A slideshow: http://img513.imageshack.us/slideshow/player.php?id=img513/5013/1256781939pe8.smil

Most of the included colorschemes are intended to be "easy on the eyes"
(well, almost) and I hope that you might find at least 2 or 3
colorschemes from this pack that you could use for every day coding :)

If you like it (or if you don't) PLEASE RATE this thing!
install details
* For the compressed Vimball file (.vba.gz):
  Just open it in Vim/gVim and then type:

   :so %

  And that's all.

[Windows users: you'll need to have gzip in your %PATH%].

* For the zip file (.zip): extract them to a directory that is in your
   On Unix/linux:  $HOME/.vim/
   On Windows:  %USERPROFILE%\vimfiles\ or YOUR_VIM_INSTALLATION_PATH\vimfiles\

Then open Vim/gVim and type:
   :helptags THE_EXTRACTION_PATH/doc

After correct installation, you can see the help with:
   :h mimicpak
   :h mimicpak-toc

That's all... Enjoy!

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
mimicpak.zip 1.0 2009-10-29 6.0 Jaime Wottrich Zip version (if you still use Vim 6).
mimicpak.vba.gz 1.0 2009-10-29 6.0 Jaime Wottrich Initial upload
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