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vorg : vim organizer syntax file

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created by
Itai Levi
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vorg is a simple organizer file format for managing your notes and tasks. It was inspired by org-mode for emacs but the format is different.
It is still very much work-in-progress.


Create a file with the .vorg extension and use the following format:

- Topic
  - Subtopic <tag1> <tag2>
    - Subsubtopic
      Subsubtopic text goes here
    - [ ] A task
    - [ ] Another task


  - To indent sub topics in insert mode use <TAB>
  - In normal mode, use <TAB> to fold and unfold topics
  - You can also use asterisk signs (*) instead of minus signs(-)
  - Tasks are indicated using a pair of square brackets with a blank inside [ ]
  - You can create tasks without sub items by omitting the -

More Info:

- Topic with a deadline < {date}
- Topic with tags <tag1> <tag2> <tag3>
- Topic with a timestamp ~ {date} @ {time}
- Topic with a timestamp ~ {datetime}
- {date} @ {time} ~ Topic with a timestamp
- Topic with text content
  some text...

Insert-mode Shortcuts:

-- create a new indented item
-= create a new task

ctrl+j move line down
ctrl+k move line up

dd - current date
dt - current date+time

Normal-mode Shortcuts:

<TAB> expand/collapse topics, use <shift> for all sub-topics

ctrl+t find tags (type the tag name and then press <CR>)
ctrl+o find contexts (type the context and then press <CR>)

ctrl+j  shifts line down
ctrl+k shifts line up

,c checkmark a task
,u uncheckmark a task

,w follow hyperlink

Thanks Niels AdB for Tip 1557!
Thanks Frank Butler for Tip 646!

More info can be found inside the script..
For updates follow me on twitter (L3V3L9) and look for the upcoming vorg screencast.
install details
Simply extract the vorg archive in your ~/.vim folder or use pathogen

I also recommend installing the following plugins as well:
- speeddating
- tabular

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vorg.tar.gz 0.2.0 2011-12-01 7.0 Itai Levi vorg now recognizes files based on the .vorg extension. Plugin is now modular and better arranged. Added a vorg.py script to support inserting vorg items from the command line - good for adding stuff from anywhere. Coloring was also improved.
vorg.vim 0.1.0 2009-11-05 7.0 Itai Levi Initial upload
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